Room Entry & Inspection

Approved by:  Residence Life

History:  Updated 2023

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The right to enter or search a room by an authorized College representative is exercised with discretion. A reasonable effort will be made to have the resident present if it is necessary and appropriate to enter. 

Before entering a room, a staff member will knock on the door, announce themselves, and then enter.  The professional staff may require hall staff to perform periodic “room checks” during a semester to make sure that conditions do not exist in rooms that constitute health, safety or fire hazards. Hall staff will attempt to notify residents in advance of a scheduled room check. 

Residents may be required to clean their room or make other appropriate changes to correct any hazardous conditions. Items that violate College policies and are left in plain sight during room checks will be confiscated and transferred to campus officials as evidence for disciplinary action.  

The College reserves the right for its authorized personnel to enter rooms for the following reasons: 

  • To examine, protect, and maintain College property. Housekeeping and maintenance staff members may enter a student’s room without the student present for routine housekeeping or maintenance functions or when they have received a maintenance work/key request form. Maintenance staff will leave a written notice to residents informing them of the day and time they were present in the resident’s room. 
  • Residence Life staff members may also enter rooms without prior notification or in the absence of the occupant(s) for matters relating to the comfort and/or the safety of fellow hall residents (i.e., to close a window or turn off an alarm clock). 
  • Other staff, as appropriate, reserve the right to enter a resident’s room without notice in emergency situations when imminent danger to life, safety, health or property is feared. 
  • The Residence Life staff reserve the right to enter a resident’s room if a situation regarding suspicion of illegal activity or residence hall policy violations. In this case, Campus Safety and the police may be called.