Approved by:  Residence Life

History:  Updated 2023

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Residents are responsible for all college-issued keys that are assigned at the beginning of each academic year. 

The elevators in the Austin Hall and Clare Hall are proximity card (student ID) operated to the resident floors. Proximity readers as part of your student ID are needed to operate the elevator to any of the resident rooms in Austin Hall and Clare Hall. Guests are not allowed to operate elevators without the presence of the resident they are visiting. If a resident lock themself out of their room, the following procedure should be used to re-enter: 

  1. Call the on-duty CA (CAs are on duty from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.). 
  2. Go to the Austin or Clare Hall front desk and request an escort you to your room. 
  3. In cases in which no other options are available, contact Campus Safety. 

If a room key or mailbox key is lost, the resident must meet with the Residence Life professional staff to complete all paperwork and get a core change and new keys. Replacement cost for lost or stolen set of keys is $75. This includes a new room core, two room keys and a mailbox key.


Your Alverno ID is one of your keys and should be treated as such. Residence halls have implemented a card access system for added safety and security purposes. Students are required to use their IDs to gain access through the card swipes. The misuse of card swipes (i.e., vandalism, using someone else’s ID) or allowing others to use your ID is strictly prohibited. Residents are financially responsible for replacing their ID if it is damaged, not swiping properly or lost. If your ID fails to work for the reader, please contact your Residence Life professional staff.