Social Studies for Middle Childhood - minor

What you will study

The student of social studies learns to identify culturally grounded assumptions that have influenced the perception and behavior of people in the past; they also learn to identify those that influence their own perceptions and behavior. They study and critique the theories, concepts, and assumptions that historians and social scientists use to create interpretations of the past.

Through their coursework, they apply theories and frameworks to organize, synthesize, and communicate their own interpretation of history and society. Finally, they design learning and assessment experiences appropriate to elementary/middle school students.

Students in social studies take courses from the areas of history, sociology, and education.

Social Studies Elem Ed-Middle School Beginning
GLS-200Introduction to Global Studies3
Social Studies Elem Ed-Middle School Intermediate
HS-330Topics in US History4
HS-250Ancient World Cultures & Civilizations4
or HS-251 Making of the Modern World
POL-225American Politics4
Social Studies Elem Ed-Middle School Advanced
HS-355Critical Perspectiv on the American Past4
or HS-375 Historical Analysis
or HS-451 Crit Prsp/Early Modern World, 1350-1750
HUM-350Alternate World Views4
or HUM-351 Chinese Civilization & Cultures
or HUM-352 South Asia Civilization
or HUM-353 Latin American Civilizations
or HUM-355 Japan: Studies in Civilizations and Culture
or HUM-358 Middle Eastern Civilization