Chemistry (minor)

What you will study

As a chemistry minor at Alverno, you become well grounded in the conceptual and practical knowledge that you need to do pure and applied research.

In the classroom, you examine the essential concepts of chemistry and begin building them into larger theoretical models. You gain solid technical and theoretical knowledge about the composition, structure, function, and properties of substances and the changes that they undergo.

In the laboratory, you learn to manipulate and analyze matter. You investigate and control various chemical reactions in organic and inorganic chemistry. You identify, quantify, and separate substances in quantitative and instrumental analysis. You apply all these techniques to the larger, more complex molecules in biochemistry. You compare your experimental results with the prediction of models and equations in physical chemistry.

Chemistry Support Beginning
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
MT Courses 1
Chemistry Support Intermediate
Take four CH courses 212
Chemistry Support Advanced
CH-414Chemistry Professional Portfolio0

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