Art - minor

The Studio Art Minor allows students from a variety of backgrounds to maximize their creativity for personal enrichment or to expand career skills in design, cultural awareness, problem-solving and visual literacy. The student explores broader questions of creativity, human meaning, wellness and physical properties of media while working side by side with peers in interactive art studios.

In beginning and intermediate courses students develop creative and cultural theories in art history, visits to museums or in art workshops. Students analyze how and why past and present people have chosen to record their values through art.

Students choose advanced studio art electives to express their own point of view. Ideas from personal life or content from their major are applied to art subject matter. Students enjoy many opportunities to exhibit their work and interact with visiting artists and the broader community.

Students create an advanced portfolio of multiple art forms. In their final semester they work in collaboration with peers and the gallery director to create a public exhibition. They discuss meaningful aesthetic choices across their semesters of making art and how they will apply this learning in their professional life. 

Beginning Requirements
A-189SForm and Space4
or FA-110 Intro to the Arts
or FA-111 Intro to the Arts: Visual Arts
or FA-112 Intro to the Arts: Digital Art
or FA-113 Intro to the Arts: Dance Focus
or FA-114 Intro to the Arts: Music Focus
or FA-115 Intro to the Arts: Theatre
Intermediate Requirements
AH/WorkshopsTake Art History (AH) and Art workshop Electives from AHS-210, AHS-311, AHS-409, INS 300, AHS-250, AHS-251, AHS-252, A-141, AHS-144, A-146, A-147, A-148, A-1494
Advanced Requirements
Studio ArtTake Studio Art Electives from A-352, A-356, A-363, A-364, A-221, A-359, A-371, A-376, A-380, A-366, A-3519
A-493Graduation Event for Support Areas0