English (minor)

What you will study 

Studying English at Alverno means building your program of study to match your professional goals and personal passions. As a major in English choose your courses from the following tracks – Literary Studies, Film Studies, Creative Studies in Writing. Or focus your minor on one area for a more intensive experience. If teaching is your goal, the English Language Arts programs prepare you to be a successful K-12 educator.

Literary Studies

Books matter and the people who read them develop a set of sought after critical abilities–excellent communication, creative thinking, strong close reading, sharp synthesizing and a keen understanding of the role of the language and literature in the world. Whether you’re participating in a mock trial on moral dilemmas in a class on the novel or reading and writing memoirs, literary studies prepares you for a variety of traditional careers and any number of emerging ones.

Film Studies

Explore the history and techniques of film and engage in creative personal and cultural interpretations and analysis in this exciting program. Core courses explore fiction into film, influential genre films, and world film while also introducing you to storyboarding and the basics of film production and editing. This program gives you the opportunity to respond to film at a highly informed and active personal level.

Creative Studies in Writing

Whether you want to write creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, comics or Manga, this program nurtures your creative thinking, heightens your distinctive voice and style, while developing your narrative skills and a sophisticated use of language. The program also teaches you how to navigate the challenging world of publishing if your interests are in that area.

English Support Beginning
Take one or both of the following: 14
Perspectives on Literature
and The Graphic Novel
Fiction Into Film
English Support Intermediate
Take one group from the following:4
Group 1:
Perspectives on Literature
Life Love Literature/Making Choices
Group 2:
The Graphic Novel
Life Love Literature/Making Choices
Group 3:
Oprah's Books
Group 4:
Introduction to Creative Writing
Group 5:
Fiction Into Film
English Support Advanced
Take one of the following:4
Chinese Civilization & Cultures
South Asia Civilization
Latin American Civilizations
Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
The Two Koreas
Middle Eastern Civilization
EN-330Imagination & Identity in Literary Stds4
Take one 300-level English Course above EN-330
Take one 400-level course above EN 450

These courses count as one HFA-210 and one HFA-310

Whether your professional goals are in publishing, marketing, new media, business, journalism, technical writing or teaching, Alverno’s programs offer a rigorous foundation on which you can build your career – and a degree in English can also lead to success in graduate and professional schools. In Alverno’s English programs, you’ll receive one-on-one guidance from a full-time faculty member through your coursework and career planning. Using a hands-on digital portfolio process that includes publication and production possibilities in AlvernoINK, the college’s online literary site, faculty will mentor your development as a reader, writer and creative communicator.