Undergraduate Grade Point Equivalency

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History: Updated 2023                                      

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Alverno College is committed to its non-graded, narrative feedback, outcomes-based education which also requires students to self and peer assess.

In order to assist students with multiple external audiences that might require or prefer a graded system, Alverno collects Grade Point (GPEs) for all credit bearing classes in our graduate programs. GPEs are collected as a service to students to help students achieve their goals. For example, this service can assist students who are considering graduate school, applying for scholarships, or other areas where GPEs might assist students.

GPEs are defined as the extent to which students have met course outcomes by the end of the semester.

GPEs are not part of the students' transcript nor their official record. They are available to students upon request through the Registrar's Office. Please visit the Registrar’s Office web page for more information on accessing GPE information.

Recording GPEs

All instructors of record for all classes offered for credit at Alverno, except for the Alverno Accelerate Program, including undergraduate and graduate level courses provide a grade point equivalency (GPE).

GPEs are not provided for individual assignments nor assessments.

Instructors provide an S/U/I for the course and for all ability validations in addition to the GPE. This progress code is the official record of a students' performance. The following are the possible entries for the GPE: 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 0.

For Undergraduate courses, students must be at a “C” level 2.0 or higher for an S. For Graduate courses, students must be at a “B” level 3.0 or higher for an S. This is stated on official transcripts.

A faculty member who assigns an “I” in a course should not assign the GPE until the course has been successfully completed.

Courses can be retaken and the higher GPE will be used in quantifying the GPE.

GPEs are non-negotiable with students. Once a GPE is recorded, instructors will be unable to change the GPE unless a mistake has been made.

Access to GPEs

Students may request their GPE at any point and for any reason from the Registrar's office.

Students request their GPE by completing an electronic request form that will be accessed via the Registrar’s Office web page.

It is encouraged that students meet with a professional or faculty advisor before requesting grades to discuss their purpose and implications.

Faculty, instructional staff and advisors do not have the ability to request student GPEs. Students can bring the record to their faculty or professional advisor for discussion if they choose.

Campus committees and groups do not have access to GPEs.