Progress Codes & Incomplete Policy

Approved by: Educational Policy Committee

History: Updated 11/29/2023

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Definition of progress codes

A progress report is available through Alverno’s Self Service portal after the close of each term. The Progress Report consists of the names of the courses and where applicable the abilities that students attempted during the term and the progress code in each.

An instructor reports students’ progress for the course and validation according to one of the following codes:

  • Satisfactory (S) indicates successful demonstration of all course outcomes. Where applicable, it also requires successful demonstration of all abilities validated in the course. In rare occasions, courses might offer “stretch” abilities that are not embedded in the required course outcomes. In this instance it is possible to meet the course outcomes, receive a satisfactory (see withdraw definition below), and not successfully demonstrate the stretch abilities.
  • Incomplete (I) See Policy for Assigning Incomplete (I) Progress Codes
  • Unsatisfactory (U) indicates insufficient evidence of demonstrating the outcomes of the course. The U should only be issued if the student participated in the course until at least the “60% date” on the academic calendar. If a U is warranted, the instructor must also enter a last date of attendance or a date that reflects the students’ last substantive academic participation confirming they participated after the “60% date”. This U progress code is final and should not be changed as it is part of a permanent record. If a progress code was submitted in error by the instructor, the instructor may request a progress code correction from the Registrar’s Office with documentation of the error. A progress code can be updated as a result of a student appeal process as clarified in the student handbook and/or program handbooks.
  • Auditor (AU) indicates students have selected (and been approved) to audit the course. No satisfactory or unsatisfactory judgment needs to be made for an AU
  • Unsatisfactory Withdrawal (UW) indicates that students have not met course outcomes because they have not participated in or attended the course after the “60% date”. The UW reflects an unsatisfactory progress code, but also alerts the college that the student stopped attending or participating in the course without formally requesting a drop of the course. If a UW is warranted, the instructor must also enter a last date of attendance, which cannot be after the “60% date”.
  • Drop/Withdrawal (DW) indicates a student has requested an official drop or withdrawal from the course. This is entered by an approved staff person in the Registrar’s Office or at times the advising office– not the instructor – who process the drop request after Official Enrollment. The last date to drop a course is after the 60% date for each term and determined by the official academic calendar.
  • Withdrawal (W) for a validation only indicates that the student did not attempt the validation.

Policy for Assigning Incomplete (I) Progress Codes

An Incomplete (I) progress code may be assigned in Self Service at the instructor’s discretion when:

  • the instructor determines a student has made significant progress toward meeting the course outcomes;
  • the instructor has seen evidence that the student could be successful if given additional time (no more than the last date of the following term); and
  • the instructor has documented for the student through a Blaze-generated email what coursework needs to be completed, and when, for the student to be successful.

The assignment of an Incomplete (I) progress code is the decision of the instructor and requires the instructor to:

  • complete the Incomplete Form that documents the reason for the Incomplete; and
  • notify the student via a Blaze generated email.

Any student may request an Incomplete from their instructor. The instructor is not required to provide an Incomplete (I) option for a student.

The instructor is encouraged to consider all relevant circumstances impacting a student’s ability to successfully demonstrate the outcomes of a course and whether an extension to complete that work is warranted.

If an Incomplete (I) is awarded, the instructor is obligated to assess work necessary for the student to demonstrate the course outcomes.

Timeframe for assigning and resolving an Incomplete (I):

An Incomplete (I) must be assigned in Self Service, the Incomplete Form submitted, and the student notified via Blaze email by the deadline for progress codes for the course.

The student should resolve an Incomplete (I) before the Incomplete deadline set by the instructor. The deadline must be before the end of the subsequent term. Alverno has three terms—fall, spring and summer. If a progress code change has not been submitted by the instructor by the end of the subsequent term, the Incomplete (I) will automatically be assigned an Unsatisfactory (U) progress code.

If the course or an ability validation that was assigned an Incomplete (I) is a prerequisite for a course in the subsequent term the student must do one of the following:

  • successfully resolve the Incomplete (I) before the term begins;
  • drop the course which requires the prerequisite; or
  • submit a permit to take the two courses or to complete the demonstration of required abilities concurrently.

Please note: Seniors will not be eligible for graduation in the term of the course if they are assigned an Incomplete (I).

Students who are requesting an Incomplete should:

  • discuss the option for an Incomplete (I) with the instructor of the course;
  • communicate with the instructor if there is a necessary, reasonable accommodation documented from Accessibility Services;
  • connect with financial aid and their advisor to determine the consequences of an Incomplete progress code on their financial aid and graduation dates. An Incomplete (I) may impact a student’s ability to receive financial aid and/or demonstrate that the student is making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for financial aid. It may also delay meeting graduation requirements;
  • make appropriate arrangements to fulfill all course requirements in accordance with their agreement with the instructor;
  • understand that the instructor is only obligated to assess student work necessary to demonstrate course outcomes.

Any Incompletes (I) that might need to be assigned due to Title IX should be addressed through the appropriate policies in the Student Handbook. Medical exemptions should be documented through the Dean of Students Office.

In the event a student has an extenuating circumstance that requires an additional extension of the Incomplete (I) beyond the original due date (no later than the end of the subsequent term) the instructor must submit a permit to be approved by the Dean with oversight over the course.

In the event an Incomplete (I) progress code is required due to accreditation, regulation, or other program mandates, the instructor should confirm with their Program Director and the Registrar’s Office that the course has been approved for this requirement.