Student On Leave

Approved by: Academic Affairs

History: Updated 2023                                       

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For Questions Contact: Academic Advising | 414.382.6029 | | FO 121

Students that need to take a leave of absence from their studies may do so by becoming a Student-On-Leave.   A leave may be taken for up to four consecutive semesters.  While on leave students are not considered officially enrolled.  Students taking a leave are strongly encouraged to consult with the Alverno Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices regarding the impact of dropping classes on their financial aid and billing account status.  In some cases loan repayment may be required while a student is on leave. 

A Student-On-Leave may resume their program of study without needing to reapply/readmit if they return within the four semester time-frame of the leave.  To register, students returning from a leave will need to contact their Advisor and/or the Academic Advising Office for assistance with course selection, clearance of all registration holds and the ending of their leave status.  If a student does not enroll for classes before their leave expires, then their status will automatically be changed from leave to official withdrawal.   Once withdrawn, a student must reapply/readmit to Alverno to be considered for future re-enrollment.  

In some instances, where vital skills need to evaluated or where before serving clients or patients at clinical or practicum sites or where external accrediting or licensing bodies determine requirements for the profession, students might need to take a skills assessment or additional course to demonstrate their proficiency and modified program outcomes after a leave. Please see specific academic program handbooks or work with your faculty advisor or program director for additional information.

To request a Student-On-Leave, students need to contact the Academic Advising Office ( or 414-382-6029).