Medical Exception

Approved by: Academic Affairs


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For Questions Contact: Academic Advising | 414.382.6029 | | FO 121

Alverno College is committed to the academic success, personal growth and well-being of its students.  Circumstances may arise when a student experiences a sudden/unexpected health condition that is debilitating to the point that it interferes with the activities of daily living and participation in academic courses/requirements.   In the event that a student must drop all/some courses due to a significant medical/health issue they may choose to submit documentation to request a Medical Exception.

A Medical Exception can only be requested during the semester in which a student was enrolled and the health issue occurred.  Approval of a Medical Exception may qualify the student for a financial adjustment for that specific semester.  A student may only be approved for a Medical Exception one time during their entire Alverno tenure.

To learn more about the Medical Exception policy and request process, contact the Academic Advising Office.