Inclement Weather

Approved by: Academic Affairs


Related Policies:  Emergency Response

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For Questions Contact: Individual Faculty or Academic Affairs | 414.382.6121

Inclement weather may require Alverno College to take precautionary measures, including the cancellation of in-person classes to protect the safety of our learning community. In an effort to minimize the potential disruption to the learning process, individual faculty members may decide to shift student learning to online or virtual classes on those days where in-person classes are cancelled due to weather. When learning cannot easily pivot to a virtual environment at short notice, the decision whether to hold a class virtually, rather than cancelling it all together, is left up to faculty.

Faculty may determine that the learning options to be offered in the event of inclement weather will depend upon the learning activities originally planned for that day. Any of the following alternative options may be offered:

  • Virtual class held via Zoom or another platform during the regularly scheduled class time
  • Assignment or project option via Moodle that can be completed asynchronously
  • Virtual meeting, virtual group discussion, or interactive message board, etc.

Faculty have the responsibility to clearly state their inclement weather plan in their syllabus, so that students know at the beginning of the semester what to expect. Once the plan has been communicated, faculty should encourage students to express any concerns they have about the planned alternative learning options and delivery modes, so that their learning needs can be met.

On a day that in-person classes are cancelled in response to inclement weather, faculty are expected to email or communicate the course plan directly to students and provide any instructions that students may need to participate in and complete any assigned alternative learning activities.

Decisions about whether to cancel in person instruction and on-campus events, and fully close campus (if necessary) on a given day, will be made by 6:00 am for full or partial-day cancellations, and by 3:00 pm for the cancellation of evening classes and events. Whenever possible, inclement weather considerations and possible campus closure decisions will be made and communicated the preceding day. Unless a cancellation is officially announced through local media and campus email or text alert, it should be assumed that face-to-face classes are in session. In questionable situations in which it is determined face-to-face classes will be held, an attempt will be made to communicate to faculty via email that face-to-face classes are in session so as to help avoid any confusion.

Students are encouraged to check local news media for announcements regarding inclement weather, as well as their  Alverno email to learn about how individual faculty are handling course instruction during the event of campus closure due to inclement weather.