Biology Majors

What makes biology exciting is its diversity. A biologist might gather field samples for the environmental impact statements, study the responses of whole organisms to stress, or insert new genes into a microbe. Biologists seek to unravel the mystery of living organisms from bio-molecules to ecosystems. Alverno's biology curriculum is constantly evolving to make sure you have the knowledge and up-to-date skills to participate effectively in this fast-paced field. 

You can focus your studies in one of several core areas leading to a variety of careers in fields like teaching, industry, health care, or research. You can also apply your biological knowledge to careers outside the traditional, like science writing or environmental law. If you are a student whose interests lie in biotechnology, forensic science, or molecular medicine, you may wish to specialize in molecular biology

Please visit the following pages to find out more about the individual biology majors that Alverno offers: