Media Design (major)

Good design is at the heart of effective communication, especially in today’s distraction-laden world. As a Media Design major, you’ll learn to express your creativity through graphic design, text, photography, video, digital illustration and animation — and how to integrate these elements into impressive multimedia communication that captures attention and engages users. This exciting field is ideal for inventive, tech-savvy women who love to communicate through digital media.

Customize your studies

This flexible interdisciplinary major allows you to blend courses in art, communication and media, and there’s room to customize further based on your career interests. For example, you might minor in business if you want to work in e-marketing or content development, history if you want to work with museums, political science if you want to get involved in political campaigns or math if you plan to focus on infographics.

Beautiful and useful

You’ll master the fundamentals of design and learn how to make beautiful, technically sophisticated digital media using creative tools from the Adobe Creative Cloud and other applications. But because this major is rooted in communication, you’ll also learn how to develop communication strategies to ensure that your work is as effective as it is beautiful. Your knowledge of media theory will help you understand your audience and meet the communication needs of diverse clients.

How you can use your degree

This versatile major prepares you for a variety of career paths. Depending on your area of interest, you might develop websites, create web content, work on a video production team, document special events through photography or run a social media campaign. Some of our graduates work for advertising agencies or marketing and communication departments of major companies and nonprofit organizations, while others freelance for a variety of clients.

The skills you need to succeed

Thanks to Alverno’s unique abilities-based curriculum, you’ll develop excellent communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. These skills will serve you well in the workplace, where clients will ask you to identify communication problems and find their solutions. And because our students work on projects for actual clients, you’ll have experience solving real-world communication challenges before you even graduate. Many of our Media Design majors also sharpen their skills through other on-campus activities by designing websites and print marketing pieces for student organizations.

Internships for the Media Design major

You’ll find no shortage of internship opportunities in Milwaukee, the media hub of the state. Alverno’s Internship Office, which is connected to more than 2,000 partner sites, can help you find the right internship to advance your goals. Past students have interned at advertising agencies, at web development firms, in digital and social media marketing departments at companies, and in photography studios, as well as the Milwaukee Art Museum, Discovery World, Marcus Promotions and the United Performing Arts Fund, among other sites.

Media Design Major Beginning
A-100Community Art Midsemester Assessment 10
MDIA-193CMDIA in the Professions1
A-189SForm and Space 24
or FA-112 Intro to the Arts: Digital Art
A-146Self Employment in the Arts1
A-121Analytic Drawing3
A-134Studio Art 2: 2-D Design3
A-147Grant Writing for Artists & Educators1
AHS-251Pages Through Time: Art of the Book4
A-262Graphic Designs & Illustration3
MDIA-130Aesthetic Engagement Ext Assessmnt Lev 10
MDIA-230Aesthetic Engagement Ext Assessmnt Lev 20
Media Design Major Intermediate
A-100Community Art Midsemester Assessment 40
MDIA-381Content Development Media Design3
MDIA-359Digital Art for MDIA Majors3
COMM Production Labs: Take 6 credits of COMM Production Labs of the following:6
Production Lab 1: Visual Communication
Production Lab 1: Information Technology
Production Lab III: Advanced Workshop
Prod Lab III:Adv Digital Publishing
Prod Lab III:Advanced Web Design
Prod Lab III:Advanced Digital Video
Prod Lab III:Advanced Social Media
COMM Core: Take one COMM core from the following:3
Communication Strategies
Media Studies
Persuasion and Advocacy
Logic & Argumentation
Project Management
Art Electives: Take any 300/400 level Art elective3
MDIA-330Aesthetic Engagement Ext Assessmnt Lev 30
MDIA-395Ext Assessmnt Aesthetic Engagement Lev 40
Media Design Major Advanced
A-100Community Art Midsemester Assessment 50
MDIA-482Ext Assmnt of Effective Citzenship Lvl 40
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
MDIA-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
MDIA-401New Media3
AHS-409Modern & Contemporary Art3
A-384Art Gallery Management1
MDIA-491Media Design Senior Art Semina1
A-459Advanced Digital Art3
Take 12-15 credits of MDIA electives:12-15
MDIA-400Ext Assessmnt Aesthetic Engagement Lev 50
MDIA-450Ext Assessmnt Aesthetic Engagement Lev 60

Take 1st and 2nd semester.


May also count as FA-110 for General Education requirements.


May also count as one HFA-210 and one HFA-310.


Take 3rd, 4th and 5th semesters.


Take 6th and 7th semesters.