Music Therapy (major)

What you will study

Alverno’s music therapy program is based on the belief that music is a form of human behavior that is characterized by experience in structure, self-organization, and relating to others. It has been developed on the conviction that the music therapist can use music as a tool to attain desirable nonmusical behavioral objectives in varied health-care settings.

In order to use music effectively as a tool in music therapy, you need to develop a broad base of music skills. These include knowledge of music theory and history; basic skills in improvisation; competency in using basic music technology; and functional proficiency on a variety of instruments.

Because the management of nonmusical behaviors is your main objective in therapy, you also need to study the natural and behavioral sciences, including anatomy and physiology, psychology, and sociology. The Alverno curriculum is structured to facilitate the development of these basic skills and understandings.

You begin in-depth study in your profession in the first semester, through classroom study and by being an observer-participant in off-campus music therapy clinical settings.

You are required to complete 1,200 hours of clinical work prior to graduation with at least 15% (180 hours) in pre-internship experiences and at least 75% (900 hours) in internship experiences. While many students choose to fulfll this requirement during a six-month internship after on-campus courses have been completed, you have the opportunity to design an internship compatible with your personal needs and lifestyle. Alverno facilitates your internship and monitors your progress. Graduation follows successful completion of the internship. After receiving your degree, you are eligible to take the board certifcation examination. Successful completion of the examination allows you to use the credential of Music Terapist–Board Certifed (MT-BC).

Alverno offers both a bachelor’s degree program and an equivalency program in music therapy, the latter for students who already possess a degree in another feld.

Music Therapy Major Beginning
MU Ensembles: Take 7 semesters of MU Ensembles 1
Take a MUA Performance Lesson for your performance area each semester 1 and 2
Take a MUA Performance Lab with your performance area lesson each semester 1 and 2
MUA-175External Assessment for Mua Lessons0
MUE-105Group Piano 11
MUE-106Group Piano 21
MUE-107Group Piano 31
MUE-119Beginning Guitar Class1
MUE-219Intermediate Guitar Class1
MUY-129Music Preprofessional Seminar1
Theory 1
and Theory 1 Lab
Theory II
and Theory II Lab
MUY-160Orientation in Music Therapy2
Clincal & Lab Experience 1/Geriatrics
and Lab Exp 1: Geriatrics
PSY-110Life Span Development4
Music Therapy Major Intermediate
RL-210Control of Life & Death2
Human Anatomy & Physiology
and Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
Theory III
and Theory III Lab
MU-258Theory IV3
MU-261Origins of Music/Many Cultures3
MU-262Favorite Classical Music2
MU-276Music Technology2
MU-310Rock & Roll History2
MU-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Take a MUA Performance Lesson for your performance area in each semester 3 and 4
Take a MUA Performance Lab with your performance area lesson in each semester 3 and 4
MUE-209Vocal Techniques 11
MU-210Improvisational Music2
MUE-211Percussion Techniques2
Clincal & lab Exp 2: Dev Disabilities
and Clinical & Lab Experience 2 Lab
Clincal & Lab Exp 2: Dev Disabilities
and Lab 2: Developmental Disabilities
MUA-275External Assessment for Mua Lessons0
Psychology of Music 1
and Psychology of Music Lab
Psychology of Music 2/Research
and Psychology of Music 2 Lab
MUY-363Creative Music Making2
PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
Music Therapy Major Advanced
MU-125Music & Wellness Workshops1
MU-372Contemporary Music2-3
MUA-375External Assessment for Mua Lessons0
MU-493Form & Analysis2
MU-494Songwriting & Arranging1
MU-495Applied Music Culmination Project0
Take a MUA Performance Lesson for your performance area in each semester 5-7
Take a MUA Performance Lab with your performance area lesson in each semester 5-7
MUE-111Improvisational Keyboard1
MUY-461Theoretical Foundations of Music Therapy3
MUY-462Design & Appl in Music Therapy4
Clin Exp: Psycho-Emotional Disabilities
and Clin Exp: Psycho-Emotional Disabilit Lab
Clin Exp5: Psycho-Emotional Disabilities
and Lab Exp 5: Psycho Emotional Disabilities
Music Therapy Clinical Internship
and Music Therapy Clinical Internship
and Music Therapy Clinical Internship

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