Social Work (major)

Alverno prepares students who seek a Bachelors in Social Work to use their knowledge and skills to provide social services to individuals, families, groups, communities, organizations, and the broader society. According to the National Association of Social Workers, graduates from accredited programs help people increase their capacities for problem solving and coping, obtain needed resources, facilitate interactions between individuals and between people and their environments, make organizations responsible to people ,and influence social policies. Social workers may work directly with clients addressing individual, family and community issues, or they may work at a systems level on regulations and policy development, or as administrators and planners of a large social services system. 

Social Work Major Beginning
SW-200Introduction to Social Work2
SOC-220Social Movements & Social Change4
PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
BSC-255Behavioral Science Research Methods4
BSC-256Probability & Statistics4
Social Work Major Intermediate
GLS-200Introduction to Global Studies3
or SOC-398 Community Power & Change
SW-300Midprogram Social Work Course2
PSY-365Social Psy:Cross Cultural Perspectives4
PSY-390Case Management4
Social Work Major Advanced
SOC-306Race & Ethnicity in American Life4
CLD-338Program Evaluation3
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
SW-400Social Work Capstone Course2
SW-483Advanced Internship2

A social work major aligns with Alverno's values and with the needs of the community here in Milwaukee. The Council on Social Work Education indicates that a BSW must teach and assess for nine "competences," which match with Alverno's eight abilities. Alverno has a strong history with teaching psychology, sociology, global studies and international affairs, as well as community leadership and development. A BSW education at Alverno is multi-faceted, well-rounded, and perfectly prepares students for a future Masters of Social Work.