Pharmaceutical Science (major)

This major is an exciting collaboration between Alverno College and Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) School of Pharmacy. At Alverno, students complete 86 credits in six semesters, then apply to the CUW's Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Upon successful completion of two semesters at CUW, students will receive a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science from Alverno and continue on in their studies at CUW! There are also various options for students who do not enroll or continue at CUW. 

Pharmaceutical science requires students to communicate effectively, using language, concepts, and models of chemistry and biology as foundations for their work. The methodologies of chemistry, biology, and pharmaceutical science help students define and solve problems independently and collaboratively. Students are in the lab, using a wide variety of techniques with accuracy, precision, safety, and an attention to local and global implications of laboratory and professional practice in this major. Within their courses, students learn to critique data, strategies, and models of natural science, as well as use values and scientific information to make responsible decisions about the use of chemical materials. Throughout this collaboration, students develop a professional identity and apply their learning in professional settings. 

Pharmaceutical Science Major Beginning
SC 120/120LFoundations of Biology3
SSC-101Introduction to Social Science4
or PSY-110 Life Span Development
MT-152Calculus 14
MGT-210Economic Environment3
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
Pharmaceutical Science Major Intermediate
PPS-229Career & Internship Planning1
Organic Chemistry 1
and Organic Chemistry 1 - Lab
Analytical Chemistry/Quantitative Analys
and Analytical Chem-Quant Analysis Lab
MT-256Probability and Statistics4
PH-231Algebra-Based Physics I4
or PH-241 Calculus-Based Physics 1
Take one of the following:4
Biology of Plants
Biology of Animals
and Biology of Animals Lab
Natural History of North America
Pharmaceutical Science Majors Advanced
CH-322Organic Chemistry 24
CH-374CH Assessment in Effective Citizenship0
Take two advanced BI or CH electives from levels 300 or 4006