Psychology (PSY) major

What you will study

The Alverno Psychology Department has organized its courses and experiences to develop student mastery of concepts, theory, and methods of psychology. Beginning students learn how to observe behavior scientifically and understand basic concepts and theories in psychology. Intermediate students are introduced to theoretical frameworks, research design, and scientific communication.  Advanced students learn to integrate theory and experience in sophisticated attempts to understand the complexity of human behavior, including the pursuit of independent inquiries.

Psychological perspectives, such as developmental, cognitive, physiological, social, and psychopathological, serve as foundations for individual courses. These courses become analytical tools in the study of complex psychological issues. Students learn to apply both scientific methodology and psychological theory in situations encountered in actual professional settings.

Beginning Requirements
PSY-110Life Span Development4
Intermediate Requirements
BSC-255Behavioral Science Research Methods4
PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
BSC-256Probability & Statistics4
PSY-301Analytic Reading in Psychology4
PSY-302Classic & Contemporary Psychology Theory4
PSY-350Experimental Psychology4
PSY-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
PSY ElectivePsychology (PSY) Electives8
Advanced Requirements
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
PSY-483Advanced Internship Seminar (or PSY-497 or 2 credits of additional PSY electives)2
PSY-491Senior Seminar2