Integrated Natural Science (INSC) major

Students who have a broad interest in mathematics and the natural sciences find the Integrated Natural Sciences major a great fit with many possible career paths after graduation. Integrated Natural Sciences could be considered a “design your own major” in science and mathematics, providing options for students who want a combination of biology, chemistry and mathematics courses for interdisciplinary careers. This major requires intermediate courses in biology, chemistry and mathematics and provides an opportunity to take a wide array of intermediate/advanced elective options within biology, chemistry, environmental science and/or mathematics.

Within the major, students learn to communicate effectively about scientific phenomena, analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and apply frameworks from various fields of natural science. Students work to solve problems through scientific investigation with accuracy and safety and to work as professionals within the scientific community.

Beginning Requirements
MT-152Calculus 14
or MT-123
College Algebra
and Trigonometry
or MT-124
and Functions & Modeling
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
Intermediate Requirements
BI-223Natural History of North America4
or BI-221 Biology of Plants
or BI-222
Biology of Animals
and Biology of Animals Lab
MT-256Probability and Statistics4
Algebra-Based Physics I
and Physics Lab
or PH-241
Calculus-Based Physics 1
and Physics Lab
BI-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Advanced Requirements
BI/CH/ENV/MT 374BI Assessment in Effective Citizenship1
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
CH-414Chemistry Professional Portfolio0
or BI-491 Senior Environmental Seminar
SC ElectiveIntermediate Science Electives from Biology (BI), Chemistry (CH), Environmental (ENV), Global Effective (GE), Math (MT) or Physics (PH), at 200 level or higher15
SC ElectiveAdvanced Science Electives from Biology (BI), Chemistry (CH), Environmental (ENV), Global Effective (GE), Math (MT) or Physics (PH), at 300 level or higher15