Religious Studies (RL) major

What you will study

Religious studies students explore diverse religious traditions and issues in contemporary theology. You engage in the processes of examining your own value and belief systems and articulate your understanding of the nature of religious experience in relation to other dimensions of human experience. You analyze artistic and literary religious works and make judgments regarding their moral and ethical meaning and significance.

You examine the historical significance and development of world religions and their implications for the religious beliefs, practices, and institutions of contemporary life. You develop the ability to clarify and affirm the content of your own faith. You utilize theological resources and relevant scientific and humanistic disciplines to address religious issues.

You develop skills for theological inquiry by identifying and exploring religious ideas and questions, applying religious studies frameworks to explore questions of meaning, working individually and in collaboration with others.

Your coursework is enhanced by an internship component and independent research best suited to your professional and personal objectives.

Beginning Requirements
RL-210Control of Life & Death2
RL Courses Option 1 - Take 2 courses (RL-210, RL-213 or RL-214) and take 2 courses (RL-310, RL-311 or RL-313)8
Option 2- Take 1 course (RL-210, RL-213 or RL-214) and take 1 course (RL-310, RL-311, or RL-313) and take 1 course (RL-250, RL-251, RL-252)
Intermediate Requirements
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
RL-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Advanced Requirements
HUM-351Chinese Civilization & Cultures4
or HUM-352 South Asia Civilization
or HUM-353 Latin American Civilizations
or HUM-355 Japan: Studies in Civilizations and Culture
or HUM-358 Middle Eastern Civilization
HUM CourseHumanities Course from English (EN), History (HS), Humanities (HUM), Philosophy (PL), Religion (RL) or Spanish Language Culture (SLC), above 320 level3-4
HUM-410Senior Humanities Seminar4
RL-350Biblical World View4
RL-375Religion in America4
RL-410Sr Relious Studies Seminar: Spirituality4
RL-413Religion External Assessment0
RL-475Religious Studies Design: Ministry4