Nursing (N) major

What you will study

The baccalaureate nursing degree prepares you for practice and decision making in diverse health-care settings. The study of the liberal arts gives you a wide perspective on people, on the human condition, and on life, so that you are able to understand and relate to people from diverse cultures. Study in your minor allows you to focus on an area of interest to gain more in-depth knowledge and a competitive “edge” among peers.

Nursing courses enable you to learn the discipline of nursing and the behavioral and natural sciences as well as to gain technical skills. You learn also about the nurse’s roles in patient advocacy and in influencing health care. Throughout the curriculum, you have opportunities to explore research, demonstrate leadership, and develop abilities within specialized areas of nursing practice. You integrate all of your learning and beliefs to articulate your own philosophy of nursing.

Alverno’s liberal arts professional nursing curriculum is designed so that you, the learner, can choose a pace that matches your needs. The curriculum is designed for either full-time or part-time study. Your clinical practice occurs in multiple community-based and acute-care clinical settings with diverse populations; you also participate in on-campus seminars and other classroom sessions. You conclude your coursework by participating in an intense integrating course in which you are precepted in an area of interest. In addition, you take part in required assessments to show that you can integrate and transfer your knowledge and abilities to new situations, as you will be expected to do in actual nursing practice. Alverno prepares you to function effectively in health care settings where you may be the main health care practitioner or you are one of a team of providers.

Alverno offers a bachelor of science in nursing degree to prepare students to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX; also called State Boards) to become a registered nurse. The program also prepares you effectively for graduate study in nursing.

If you currently are an RN looking to complete your BSN, please visit our Degree Completion program page for Nursing.

Beginning Requirements
Foundations of Biology
and Foundations of Biology Lab
AC-120 10
or AC-124
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
PSY-110Life Span Development4
N-120Introduction to Nursing Profession3
N-125Concepts of Health/Wellness2

and Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
Intermediate Requirements
and Microbiology Lab
BI-338Physiological Mechanisms Disease4
BSC-257Statistics for Health Professionals4
N-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
N-220Pharmacology: Nursing Connections3
Health Assessment and Clinical Skills
and Health Assessment & Clinical Skills Practicum
N-320Theories of Holistic Nursing Mgt A2
N-321Theories of Holistic Nursing Mgt B2
N-325Clinical Nursing Practice 14
Advanced Requirements
N-330Theories of Holistic Nursing C2
N-335Nursing Management of Aging Adults2
N-340Nursing Management: Women & Children3
N-345Clinical Nursing Practice II4
N-400Nursing Management: Complex Clients3
N-420Nursing in Complex Communities3
N-425Advanced Nursing Science Application 14
N-435Advanced Nursing Science Application II5
N-440Transition to Professional Nursing Roles3
N-445Advanced Nursing Leadership & Policy3

If you are unsuccessful on this assessment, you will be required to take PN-120.