Environmental Freshwater Sciences (ENVFS) major

A partnership between Alverno College and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM)
Water is one of our most vital resources, and it’s often under threat: municipalities battle over water rights, aquifers get depleted, and pollution taints drinking water and endangers ecosystems. Whether you want to lead cutting-edge water research or develop water policy to ensure safe water resources for all, this dual-degree program can prepare you for a rewarding career in the freshwater sciences field.

This dual-degree program saves you time and money by combining just three years of Environmental Science or Integrated Natural Sciences undergraduate studies at Alverno with UWM’s two-year Master of Science in Freshwater Sciences and Technology. Milwaukee is a global hub for freshwater research and innovation, and there’s no better place to study freshwater than on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

The Alverno edge
Alverno is internationally known for its unique abilities-based curriculum. Instead of competing against classmates, you’ll strive to achieve your best by practicing critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and communication — skills that will help in graduate school and prepare you to tackle the environmental and water challenges facing the planet today Plus, Alverno’s 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes will allow you to perform your best. This program offers seminars, personalized advising, peer support and other resources to help prepare you for your graduate studies and beyond.

For 130 years, Alverno College has been dedicated to the education of women, preparing them for lives of personal and professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world. Alverno extends this mission to men as well, through graduate and adult classes. We are a Catholic, liberal arts college with a curriculum so unique, educators from around the world come to Alverno to learn how we teach. Alverno’s abilities-based approach to learning ensures our graduates will learn more in class and retain knowledge longer. Students do not receive traditional grades, rather, they are assessed by faculty, community assessors, peers and themselves. Our small class sizes ensure students receive uncommon access to faculty. With an average student to teacher ratio of 10:1, you are guaranteed an individualized learning experience.

Beginning Requirements
MGT-210Economic Environment3
MT-123College Algebra3
or MT-148 Functions & Modeling
Intermediate Requirements
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
or CH-260
Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
and Chemistry/Inorganic Materials - Lab
GE-220Earth Science4
PH-231Algebra-Based Physics I4
or PH-241 Calculus-Based Physics 1
MT-152Calculus 14
SC ElectiveScience Electives from Biology (BI) or Chemistry (CH), 300 or 400 level10
Advanced Requirements
ENV-341Geographical Information Systems3
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
ENV-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
ENV-374ENV Assessment in Effective Citizenship0
GLS-330United Nations & the World4
or GLS-410 Comparative Politics
ENV ElectiveEnvironmental Science (ENV) Electives3
GE-410Environmental Geology4
ENV-491Integrated Environmental Seminar3
ENV-414ENV Professional Portfolio0

This Academic Map should be used for planning purposes only. All official graduation requirements are listed on the Academic Evaluation for an individual student. Course sequences are subject to change. All students must complete a minimum of 120 credits to earn a Bachelors Degree.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
AC-151 Initial Social Interaction Assessment 0
ILA-100 Introduction to the Liberal Arts @ Alverno 0
FSS 100 LevelAny FSS-125 First Semester Seminar (FSS) topic from https://catalog.alverno.edu/courses/fss 2
Foundations of Chemistry
and Foundations of Chemistry Lab
FA 100 LevelAny FA-100 Intro to the Arts (FA) from https://catalog.alverno.edu/courses/fa 4
MT-123 College Algebra 3
CM-120 Communication Seminar 1 4
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
Foundations of Biology
and Foundations of Biology Lab
CM-125 Communication Seminar 2 3
HUM 100 LevelAny HUM-150 Intro to the Humanities (HUM) topic from https://catalog.alverno.edu/courses/hum 4
Second Year
CM-225 Communication Seminar 3 3
QL-156 Mathematical Connections 3
PPS-229 Career & Internship Planning 1
SC ElectiveScience Elective from Biology (BI) or Chemistry (CH), 300 and 400 level 4
MT-152 Calculus 1 4
SSC-101 Introduction to Social Science 4
GE-220 Earth Science 4
SC ElectiveScience Elective from Biology (BI) or Chemistry (CH), 300 and 400 level 4
ENV ElectiveEnvironmental Science (ENV) Elective 3-4
Third Year
HFA 210 ElectiveAny HFA-210 Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) elective 2
Algebra-Based Physics I
or Calculus-Based Physics 1
MGT-210 Economic Environment 3
SC ElectiveScience Elective from Biology (BI) or Chemistry (CH), 300 and 400 level 4
GLS-330 United Nations & the World 4
BSC-215 Working in Diverse Groups 2
HFA 310 ElectiveAny HFA-310 Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) elective 2
GEC 300 LevelAny GEC-300 Globally Effective Citizenship (GEC) topic from https://catalog.alverno.edu/courses/gec 3
GE-410 Environmental Geology 4
ENV-341 Geographical Information Systems 3
ENV-374 ENV Assessment in Effective Citizenship 0
ENV-414 ENV Professional Portfolio 0
Fourth Year
UWM CourseCourses at UW-Milwaukee 14
UWM CourseCourses at UW-Milwaukee 14
 Total Credits121-122