Mathematics- 4th to 12th Grade (MT/SED) major

Alverno’s approach to math focuses on making the connections between theory and applications. Study areas, including logic, techniques of proof and problem solving, are integrated in your work.

With a faculty-student ratio of 10:1, you will develop meaningful first-name relationships with your professors, who are partners in your success. And Alverno’s abilities-based curriculum and rigorous performance-based assessment process will help you practice and perfect the skills most in demand by today’s employers, including problem solving, leadership and analysis.

While studying at Alverno, you will complete an internship that can help you translate your skills learned in the classroom to the professional world, strengthening critical and analytical thinking skills.

Beginning Requirements
MT-152Calculus 14
MT-221Discrete Structures & Algorithms3
MT-253Calculus 24
Intermediate Requirements
MT-254Calculus 34
MT-255Linear Algebra4
MT-256Probability and Statistics4
MT-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
MT-268Intro to Python Programming4
MT-260Introduction/Mathematical Problem Solvng2
Advanced Requirements
MT-340History of Mathematics2
MT-345College Geometry3
MT-347Modern Algebra3
MT ElectiveMathematics (MT) Elective3
MT-449Mathematical Portfolio1
Total Credits41
Beginning Requirements
ED-116Relational Competence Workshop3
ED-201SExploration Teaching, Learning and Assessing- Secondary Education4
PSY-110Life Span Development4
or SW-250 Human Behavior in Social Environment
Intermediate Requirements
ED-220Interview Assessment0
ED-273Tchg Mathematics/Middle-Secondy Sch4
ED-321Middle School Teaching & Field4
ED-396Introduction to Exceptional Learner4
ED-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Advanced Requirements
ED-315SImmersion in Teaching, Learning, and Assessing- Secondary Ed4
PST 329 Praxis II Prep
PST 400 Praxis II Completed
ED-420Advancement to Student Teaching Performance Assessment0
ED-468Student Teaching Placement18
ED-475Student Teaching Seminar0
Total Credits45