Art History (AHS)

AHS-144 Art in the Museum (1 credit)

This course includes a trip to an Art Institute. If you are curious about contemporary art, interested in seeing paintings by old masters, or passionate about photography and digital media, this short course offers a way to take in all of these things and more. Visit the newly renovated Milwaukee Art Museum to see their current exhibitions and explore the different time periods, cultures, and artistic styles in the museum's permanent collection.

Prerequisite(s): Open to all students.

AHS-210 Ancient to Byzantine Art (2 credits)

In this course, the student explores cultural artifacts classified as art and identified and/or collected and studied as "art history." This courses examines the visual arts, including the built environment, from approximately 35,000 BCE to 1400 CE in Africa, the Americas (including Wisconsin), Asia, and Europe, emphasizing analysis of historical and cultural contexts for artmaking.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 Series, HUM-150 Series completed; CM-125 completed. Preference given to students req to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit. Art majors: A-193C completed. This section is offered as a hybrid learning course with on campus and online components.

AHS-244 Art in the Museum (1 credit)

This course is designed for the student who has completed level 1 and 2 of Aesthetic Engagement and wishes to expand their creative engagement to intermediate study through study of arts in the museum or gallery space. Students will examine artistic/creative choices made within one credit workshop activities designed to introduce reflection and group discussion across a variety of media and complex exhibition concepts presented at the museum. She will apply past knowledge and experiences in creative fields to enhance her understanding of the current topics or artists at the museum. She will apply intermediate level aesthetic engagement criteria to her practice and assessment of the workshop content.

AHS-250 Asian Art (4 credits)

In this hybrid course we will take an in-depth study of the evolution of Chinese Art from the early oracle bone inscriptions to the powerful "Scar Art" after the Cultural Revolution to Contemporary Chinese activist artists Ai Wei Wei and Cai Guo-Qiang. Students will analyze how art, geography, politics, economics, philosophy and religion intersect in a variety of historical contexts in China. This course will integrate technology and game-based learning to study how Chinese artworks evolved in function, technique and materials by looking closely at their social and cultural incubators. The course requires a commitment of five (5) face-to-face classes (including off-campus site visits to museums) and eight (8) online courses.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 Series, HUM-150 Series completed. CM-125 completed. Preference given to students req to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit. This course is offered as a hybrid learning course with on campus and online components. Face-to-face Sessions: Charles Allis Museum, 1801 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee (9:45-11:30 am) Boerner Botanical Gardens, 9400 Boerner Dr., Hales Corners, China Lights tour (9:45-11:30 am) Alverno College Art Dept, room AX G14 (9:45-12 pm) Korean Ink Brush Artist, hands-on studio session (2 sessions) Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 W. Wells St., Milwaukee(9:30-11:30 am) Online Sessions: Every week, you will have a series of videos to watch and readings, responses to complete. These will be posted every Friday and you can complete them at your own pace before the next Friday's class.

AHS-251 Pages Through Time: Art of the Book (4 credits)

The student explores the physical nature of books through analysis and application of technology, compositional structure, typography, and production and distribution methods. She applies her personal stories and media experience to collaboratively generate a text for the course. She expands her active reading skills by visiting book exhibitions and collections, and she investigates the social and cultural contexts of creativity that influence the development of contemporary artist's books. Research and class discussions include such topics as the invention of paper and movable type, the do-it-yourself (DIY) publishing movement, and the electronic book.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 Series,HUM-150 Series completed; CM-125 completed. Preference given to students req to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit.

AHS-252 Medieval to Modern Art (4 credits)

AHS-252 Medieval to Modern Art will allow students to analyze art styles and form perspectives about the aesthetic, social and valuing components of art created in Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical, Romanticist, Realist, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist stylistic movements. Through diverse classroom experiences including research, discussion, hand-on material processes, quantitative analysis of form/technology and attendance at local exhibitions students will practice a variety of integrated communication strategies to articulate their aesthetic viewpoints about art across time and cultures.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 series courses, HUM-150 series course & CM-125 completed. Preference given to students req to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit. This course is offered as a hybrid learning course with on campus and online components. This course will meet Mondays on campus and Wednesdays online.

AHS-311 Art Topics: (2 credits)

Rotating Topics in Art is a course designed to create many options for students to explore theories and hands-on art processes from a variety of cultural, historic or contemporary perspectives and contexts. Students complete research, site visits or discussions with artists, art projects and presentations about their learning. Some past topics have included Women Artists and Papermaking and Textiles and other exciting topics will be announced each year. The course counts as an HFA-310 elective or as an art history elective. No prior experience with the topic is necessary. The Registrar's Office will have the course description for each semester's topic course.

Prerequisite(s): One Communication Level 3 ICM completed; one course in HFA-210 elective completed. For August term 2020: Who were the women artists in Western history? How did they form professional identities? How did they reconcile the creative, technical, and economic demands of their art with the obligations of marriage and family? How were their careers affected by those of men? Is their art "different" from that of male artists, and is there such a thing as a feminine aesthetic? This course will survey women artists from the Middle Ages to the present who established artistic careers within the context of current attitudes toward femininity, work, and art. We will also address ways in which feminist theory concerning gender has affected art history, and the visual arts since the early 20th century. We will explore the ways Western culture has defined art and artists in gendered terms, and be encouraged to adopt a critical perspective regarding the arts,gender, and culture. Materials include the art, writings of the artists themselves as well as texts and films. One session will take place in the Milwaukee Art Museum TBA.

AHS-409 Modern & Contemporary Art (3 credits)

The student studies contemporary art historical theory and artmaking to increase her understanding of the current context for artmaking. She explores a broad variety of philosophical stances, movements, and practices from 1970 to the present. Understanding of contemporary art is linked to the student's developing awareness of self as artmaker in studio art classes.

Prerequisite(s): Required for All Art/MDIA Majors. Preference given to students required to take course. Dev a Global Perspective Level 3 completed. Effective Citizenship Level 2 completed. Communication Level 3 ICM completed. Analysis Level 3 completed. Social Interaction Level 3 completed. Other information: Students should expect some classes to meet at local arts agencies and may need to pay some admission prices

AHS-494 Portfolio Assessment for Art History (0 credits)

Portfolio Assessment for Art History Supports required in their final semester.

Prerequisite(s): Required for Art History Supports in the final semester. Presentation on Tuesday of finals week.