Global Studies (GLS)

GLS-200 Introduction to Global Studies (3 credits)

Offered Spring Term only. This course introduces the student to global studies frameworks of analyzing historical, political, economic, and cultural processes. She uses these frameworks and applies key concepts as she learns to take diverse perspectives on the interdependence of global systems.

Prerequisite(s): HUM-150 completed. For Nursing Majors with GLS support: N 250 completed. Offered Spring Term only.

GLS-297 Independent Study (2 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.

GLS-330 United Nations & the World (4 credits)

Offered Fall term only. The student prepares for participation in a regional Model United Nations by learning about international issues and the role of international organizations. She learns conceptual tools in the analysis of the international system and becomes familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations in managing global challenges.

Prerequisite(s): For Social Science, Global Studies or Politics majors/supports: CLD-220/SOC-220 or POL-225 or GLS-200. For other majors/supports: Effective Citizenship Level 3, Dev a Global Perspective Level 3, Social Interaction Level 3 and One Communication Level 3 ICM completed or permission of the instructor. Offered Fall term only. Must attend simulation in Chicago Nov 17-20

GLS-335 Business & Economics in Asia (3 credits)

The rapid growth and dominance of Asia since the 1990s and the world movement toward global markets are important trends to understand for any student of business or Asian Studies. Today, China ranks as the second and Japan as the third largest economies in the world. This course serves to introduce students to the similarities and differences of doing business in different Asian countries. In this instance, the focus will be on China given the importance and size of this economy today. The course will also include comparisons and examples from other Asian countries. Students will develop their ability to research specific Asian economies and businesses and to identify and evaluate market opportunities. They will compare trade regulations, and business operations in Asia to those in the United States.

Prerequisite(s): AS-200 or MGT-210 completed.

GLS-341 Geographical Information Systems (3 credits)

This hands-on course in which students are given beginning-level opportunities to process, analyze and visualize spatial data and information using commercially-available GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software. In the process, they are introduced to the principles of GIS and its usefulness as an analytical tool and as an effective communication technique in addressing global, envrionmental and social science questions. The course also explores ethical issues pertaining to confidentiality and privacy when gathering and using GIS data.

Prerequisite(s): WDC: SSC-101 or GLS-200 and 2 courses from Natural Science/Math General Education requirements completed. WEC: LA 283 & LA 284 completed.

GLS-350 Topics in Global Studies (4 credits)

The GLS-350 Topics Course will be an upper-level course on international and global topics and issues. As a Topics Course, it will allow the GLS Program flexibility in offering a range of courses on various topics within the broad category of global studies. Some courses might focus on the United States in the world, on international political topics, and on other global topics that are not principally political. As illlustration, some potential courses could include: The United States in the World; Americam Foreign Policy and American Wars Since 1945 International Politics; The Post-Cold War World and The Spread of Democracy Global Politics Outside the Nation-State Paradigm; The Causes and Effects of Global Warming and The African Diaspora

Prerequisite(s): GLS-200 or POL- 225 completed.

GLS-351 Places of the Holocaust (4 credits)

In the course there will be an emphasis on the history, geography, and politics of genocide. Not a course in learning the numbers, but a course in understanding how such massive genocide can be accomplished and the technologies involved, it will also provide the student with a strong emphasis in the humanities as frameworks for interpretation. A great deal of this course will be devoted to the geographical relationships of cities to killing centers and the mechanics and strategies of mass murder. As a course about the Holocaust, it is also a course in the history of Eastern European Jewry-what it once was and the vestiges that are left today. There are two significant components to this course. The First is the 2-hour bi-weekly class during Spring semester when students will study to prepare themselves for the trip. The second is the trip itself where students will have the opportunity to apply their learning and deepen their understanding of the Holocaust. There will be many conversations around forms of memorializing and the differences in places and spaces. See for more details.

Prerequisite(s): Additional information: Estimated trip cost of $4990 will be added to your bill. You will be required to sign a financial agreement when paying the deposit; it identifies dates when fees are charged to you. $150 required deposit due at time of registration Entire cost of trip is non-refundable even if you drop the course and do not travel. Plan for an additional amount of $500 for optional expenses and free time. Prerequisites: One Communication Level 4 ICM completed. . Must be 18 years of age. . Scanned Color Copy of Passport emailed to If your passport is due to expire,you must renew your passport before an airline ticket will be issued. Contact the IIC if you need information about how to obtain a passport.

GLS-370 World Geography: People, Places & Change (3 credits)

In this course the student learns how to use frameworks from the field of geography to analyze and articulate her understanding of global systems and processes. She focuses on four essential dimensions of geographic thinking: imaging the world in spatial terms; locating places and regions; exploring the dynamics of geophysical and human systems and their interrelationships; and using geography to better understand global issues.

Prerequisite(s): SSC-101 or GLS-200 completed; one Communication Level 3-ICM completed.

GLS-396 International Economics (3 credits)

Offered Fall Term only. The student studies the growth and development of the international economy, developing her ability to analyze international economic theories in the context of various phases of world history. She identifies economic and organizational problems, analyzes international business issues and practices, evaluates policies and practices, and communicates her analyses and evaluations in a variety of professional contexts.

Prerequisite(s): MGT-210 completed.

GLS-397 Independent Study (0 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.

GLS-399 Formal Introduction to Advanced Work (0 credits)

The Advanced-Level Event marks a significant accomplishment for each student as she proceeds into the work of her major department. When a department determines that a student is ready for advanced work within a discipline, the student is invited to participate in a ceremony that is both a celebration and an explanation of future requirements of the major and support areas. She registers for this experience at a point determined by her major department: for most majors the registration is connected to the taking of a particular course. Students and faculty gather for an afternoon during Mid-semester Assessment Days. Following a general program, students meet in departmental sessions with their faculty to discuss advanced outcomes, department courses, advising procedures, and so on.

Prerequisite(s): At least 4 required 200-level courses or above completed in major.

GLS-410 Comparative Politics (4 credits)

The student uses comparative frameworks to study and compare political subjects and social policies from a variety of countries. She takes part in class discussions about the political systems and policies of major countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Prerequisite(s): One 300-level course in GLS, HUM, POL or SOC completed.

GLS-475 Global Studies Senior Seminar (2 credits)

Offered Fall term only. In this capstone seminar, the student studies the process of paradigm shifts, the contexts in which they take place, and their implications for the work of educators, researchers, and policymakers. She demonstrates the ability to integrate economic, social science, and humanities frameworks in conducting research on a global issue.

Prerequisite(s): For GLS Majors & Supports: HUM-350 series course or MGT-396 completed. For MGI majors: MGT-310 completed. Offered Fall term only.

GLS-497 Independent Study (0 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.