Assessment Center (AC)

AC-120 Nursing Diagnostic Assessment (0 credits)

Nursing Diagnostic Assessment.

Prerequisite(s): Take concurrent with N-220

AC-121 Nursing Diagnostic Assessment 2 (0 credits)

Nursing Diagnostic Assessment 2 taken concurrent with PN-120.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrent with PN-120.

AC-125 Nursing Assessment (0 credits)

AC-151 Initial Social Interaction Assessment (0 credits)

The student is introduced to the Task-Oriented Model in class and participates in a simulation of recommending a candidate for directorship of a governmental agency. This assessment identifies a baseline for the student in social interaction and aids her in setting immediate, specific goals based on where she is. After self-assessment and peer assessment, she participates in one-on-one feedback with an assessor. Success in the assessment is based on the student's ability to view her performance accurately, demonstrated by reaching consensus with the assessor.

AC-205 Admission to the Nursing Major (0 credits)

This course serves as the formal transition to the Nursing Major for UNN students. In this course, all students will complete the requirements necessary to formally move into the Nursing Major including: participating in an informational session to learn the processes that need to be completed, completing of all clinical prerequisites, and submitting change of major form for nursing. UND students will be advised on the requirements for successful transition to the Nursing Major.

Prerequisite(s): AC-120 or AC-121 completed or concurrent. FSS-125 series or LA-230 series completed or concurrent. N-120, N-125, CM-125, QL-156, BI-231, BI-231L, CH-213, CH-213L and PSY-110 completed or concurrent Additional information: Section 01 for UNN students only Section 02 for UND students only Section 03 for N & UNP students only

AC-265 Nutrition for Wellness Assessment (0 credits)

Nutrition for Wellness Assessment

AC-414 Professional Interview (0 credits)

AC-414 is taken concurrently with MGT-400, Small Business Management, and is administered by the course instructor. The student presents a business plan she has developed to a local banker who assesses her professionalism, interpersonal communication, and general business knowledge. the interview is scheduled to follow the last session of her small business course. She also completes a self assessment of her business plan and of the results of the interview.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrent registration in MGT-400

AC-416 External Assessment for CLD (0 credits)

For this assessment, students assume the simulated roles of members of the Alverno Student Foundation. Drawing on the quantitative and qualitative research strategies and modes of communication developed in earlier courses, they critically review a program evaluation and funding request from nonprofit social service agencies. Each student completes the written portion of the assessment independently and then participates in a simulated committee meeting with other students to reach consensus on funding for the agency. This assessment focuses on the student's ability to make judgments about programs that deal with community issues. It emphasizes financial analysis and social scientific research skills as well as critical-thinking, interaction, and communication skills.

Prerequisite(s): CLD-337 or CLD-338 completed or concurrent registration.

AC-463 8th External Assessment for PCM (0 credits)

This assessment is taken concurrently with CMT/PCM-499, Professional Practice Seminar, and is administered by the course instructor. The student demonstrates proficiency in problem solving, valuing, analysis, and effective citizenship by developing her formal portfolio, which is assessed by external representatives from various professional communication fields.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrent registration in PCM-499.

AC-465 Senior Assessment (0 credits)

AC-465 is taken concurrently with MGT-410, Business Practicum, and is supervised by the course instructor. The student identifies and pursues strategic business opportunities by choosing from a variety of projects, including further developing her small-business plan from MGT-400, Small Business Management, or consulting for a small business or not-for-profit organization. Instructors, project mentors, and business clients assess the student's performance, providing feedback on her interactive, analytic, and problem-solving abilities.

Prerequisite(s): For WEC MGA, MGT & MKT majors only. Concurrent registration with MGT-410 or MGT 410E.

AC-475 Nursing Assessment (0 credits)

This assessment occurs at the end of the nursing curriculum and is designed to simulate an employment interview for a position as a professional nurse. Within the interview format, the student is asked to communicate her use of concepts, frameworks, and theories in practice, identify the effect of her individual qualities and qualifications on the success of therapeutic relationships, and provide evidence of the incorporation of standards of nursing practice plus the values and ethics in her decision making as she works to address the needs of her clients. The student is required to use her professional portfolio as supportive evidence of her achievements.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrent registration in N-475.

AC-636 A Vision of Teaching (0 credits)

This 2nd External is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect on how connections among theoretical frameworks, teaching standards, education abilities and course and field work contribute to effective community building and instructional design. It provides a framework for portfolio development by identifying a theme or metaphor. It mirrors professional development activities such as peer coaching, goal setting and administrator feedback.

AC-640 Portfolio Assessment (0 credits)

The assessment demonstrates an LTM/SPE candidate's readiness for student teaching. The candidate will prepare a folder documenting his/her proficiency in the 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards and Alverno graduate education abilities. The portfolio review process consists of two parts. First, an internal Alverno faculty member and external assessor, such as an administrator or teacher, will evaluate the portfolio against established criteria. Second, the assessors will conduct an interview with the candidate in which the candidate will highlight several artifacts, present and comment on an electronic demonstration of teaching effectiveness, and answer questions on teaching, learning and assessing in general and on portfolio contents in particular.

AC-653 Graduate External Assessment 2 (0 credits)

Students present and defend the proposal for their practicum.

AC-753 Graduate External Assessment 3 (0 credits)

Students create an "event" to involve others in professional discourse around their action research projects.

Prerequisite(s): For Masters students only. Concurrent registration with TLA-750.