Preprofessional Studies (PPS)

PPS-229 Career & Internship Planning (1 credit)

Pre-Professional Seminar (PPS-229) focuses on developing an awareness of the factors that impact effective career and internship planning in college, as well as post-collegiate employment. Students will analyze and apply their vocational personality, interests, skills and values to identify career options and confirm their selection of major(s) and support(s). Career development theories and models taught and employed in this course include: the career planning process, John Holland's Theory of Vocational Choice, SMART goal setting and informational interviewing. PPS-229 also serves as an introduction to career education resources for the beginning professional, including online resources (Occupational Outlook Handbook, O*NET, LinkedIn, and Alverno Connects) to assist the student in taking responsibility for her own career research. Course activities include career inventories, online research, analytical writing assignments, development of a beginning resume and portfolio, and experiential career-related activities, including an informational interview and networking event.

Prerequisite(s): LA 101 or FSS-125 or LA-230 completed CM-125 completed