Integrated Studies (IST)

IST-475 Adv Sem: Integrate Foundatio/Bldg Future (2-4 credits)

The course is designed to be a capstone experience for students who have changed the direction of their studies from a specialized major, to the broad-based Liberal Studies major. As a result of such a change, students often experience a "call" for evolution, or transformation of their sense of themselves: their personal and professional identity; their goals and future aspirations, and how their abilities might transfer to new contexts. Thus, the course will provide a variety of learning experiences and opportunities that will assist students to: . Integrate their learning from all of their previous courses and experiences; . Synthesize and articulate these expression of their Liberal Studies degree; . Connect their acquired knowledge, abilities, and skills to a variety of career applications; . Identify gaps in their knowledge, abilities, and skills that would be essential to their professional success, and develop a game plan to address them; . Investigate and engage with personal and professional resources available to them, e.g., through Career, Advising, ISC, Student Services, and academic sources, etc. [Some specific examples could be the Strong Interest Inventory; Strengths Finder; Myers-Briggs; Intellectual Autobiography; Bandura's framework for Self-Efficacy, Kolb Learning Style Inventory, and others TBD.

Prerequisite(s): For IST Majors only. Complete at least 110 credits within 2 semester of taking the course and Level 4 in majority of Abilities.