Advising (ADV)

Course Descriptions (Per Subject)

ADV-PS1 Martha Promise Scholars Group (0 credits)

Group sessions for students in the Promise Scholars Program.

ADV-PS2 Sarah Promise Scholar Group (0 credits)

Group sessions for students in the Promise Scholars Program.

ADV-299 Intermediate Level Event (0 credits)

The Intermediate Level Event marks a significant point in a student's academic career. An intermediate level student is ready to deepen their exploration of the perspectives and practices of their chosen discipline and is therefore assigned to a faculty advisor in their major department. The faculty advisor replaces the professional advisor who guided them through their beginning level studies. For most students, this transition is connected to their reaching a certain level in specific abilities. Their professional advisor will direct them to register for this experience when they have demonstrated the appropriate abilities. During this mid-semester event, they will be formally assigned to their new faculty advisor, learn about the expectations of their major department and participate in a celebration of this academic milestone.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of Level 2 Communication, Level 2 Analysis and Level 1 Social Interaction. Nursing Majors: concurrent registration in N-225. Education Majors: concurrent registration in ED-201 or ED-201S. Biology majors: SC-120 and SC-120L completed. Chemistry majors: CH-213 and CH-213L completed. Psychology majors: concurrent registration in BSC-255 or in their third semester.