Adult Education (AED)

AED-335 Psychology of the Adult Learner (4 credits)

The student learns about the contributions of psychological theories to the development of the body of knowledge about adult learners. She studies various interdisciplinary frameworks including both historical and contemporary approaches. The focus is on various developmental issues of adult learners. Several experiential assessment activities allow the student to apply her understanding of the principles of adult learning.

Prerequisite(s): PSY-110 or LA 284 completed. For WGS Majors/Supports: WGS-200 & PSY-110 completed and HS-211 or PL-310 or PL-311 or EN-310 or RL-310 completed.

AED-354 Adult Ed HR Principles& Philosophy Trng (3 credits)

Using varied frameworks for observation in adult-education settings, the student identifies and reflects on components of instructional design. In the seminar held on campus, she uses skills of analysis, valuing, and social interaction in her development of the theory and practice of teaching adults.

Prerequisite(s): PSY-110 or PED-150 or LA 284 or MGT-221 or CLD-220 or COMM-200 completed or permission of instructor.

AED-488 Adult Education HR Program Training (3 credits)

In this course the student learns the educational principles, methods, and strategies to effect human-resource development programs in her specific profession. By implementing these concepts into practical adult-development programs, she enhances her management and supervisory skills and her training and teaching competence. She analyzes how she applies her social interaction, communication, problem-solving, and analytical abilities to supervisory and training situations.

Prerequisite(s): AED-354 completed.

AED-490 Adult Education HR Practicum Training (3 credits)

The student integrates her knowledge of adult education with her major area of study. In extended teaching experiences, she applies the abilities of analysis, valuing, and social interaction to learning environments for adults.

Prerequisite(s): For AED Supports only. AED-488 completed or permission of instructor.

AED-497 Independent Study (2 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.