Theatre Arts (TA)

TA-115 Fundamentals of Voice & Movement (2 credits)

In this studio/lab course, the student explores the potential of the human body. Focusing on techniques of breath control, relaxation, vocal production, and movement, she increases her self-awareness and expressive potential by expanding her personal repertoire of vocal and movement choices.

Prerequisite(s): Open to all students.

TA-210 Improvisation:creative Approach Perform (2 credits)

The student experiences and examines improvisational techniques and structures from theater and dance/movement perspectives. She creates and analyzes her own classroom improvisations; she also examines and evaluates theater and dance works generated through improvisation.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 or LA-230 completed; HUM-150 completed; CM-125 completed. Preference given to students required to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit.

TA-215 Dramatic Literature (3 credits)

Offered Fall Term only. Beginning with classical Greek drama and proceding through contemporary plays, the student analyzes play scripts as a basis for articulating the relationships among theater, its historical context, and its cultural milieu.

TA-250 Musical Theatre:on Stage & Screen (4 credits)

In this studio-and-discussion class, students will study the most popular theatrical genre of the 20th and 21st Centuries--the musical. By analyzing scripts, libretti, scores and production practices, the students will explore the musical's evolution in terms of form and content. Using performance-based analytic frameworks, the students will investigate the relationship among spoken text, music, movement and visual production practices. Through cultural and historical analysis, students will explore how the musical reflects or envisions political, economic, and social realities. The students will also analyze how the medium of film has influenced the musical's development. These multi-dimensional analyses will assist students in making creative physical, vocal and music choices to present scenes from musicals in class.

Prerequisite(s): FA-110 series courses, HUM-150 series course & CM-125 completed. Preference given to students req to take this course if enrollment exceeds limit.

TA-265 Fundmtls of Acting On-Stage and Off (2 credits)

In this course, the student develops a method for approaching acting problems. Working on selected scenes, she experiences and examines the process of preparing for a role, creating a character, and presenting the character in performance.

Prerequisite(s): Open to all students.

TA-307 Selected Topics in Theatre (2 credits)

Selected topics in theatre covered.

Prerequisite(s): Students must work on departmental production--as a cast member or member of a production crew.

TA-310 Cont Theatre:Silenced Voices Heard (2 credits)

In this course, the student studies play scripts and performances as a basis for analyzing contemporary theater with a special emphasis on playwrights who speak for groups who have previously been silenced in the theater-e.g., women, Latino-Americans, African-Americans, gays, and other populations. In so doing, she simultaneously explores her own moral and aesthetic assumptions and the theater's potential for engendering cultural change.

Prerequisite(s): One Communication Level 3 ICM completed; one course in HFA-210 elective completed.

TA-340 Introduction to Directing (3 credits)

Offered Fall Term only. The student develops strategies for approaching the challenges and problems of the directing process. She analyzes scripts, develops production concepts, practices staging techniques, and explores methods of collaborating with actors and designers. Based on her personal goals, each student selects a short scene, develops and implements appropriate production strategies, collaborates with actors in rehearsal, and presents the scene in class.

Prerequisite(s): TA-265 completed. Offered in Fall terms every other year.

TA-355 Creative Drama (3 credits)

Creative drama uses process-oriented, nonexhibitional activities as a basis for examining human experience. This course emphasizes the fundamentals of creative drama, focusing on philosophy, dramatic materials, and guidance. The course provides the student with opportunities to explore connections between drama and human development and to participate in and lead activities.

Prerequisite(s): ED-201 completed.

TA-397 Independent Study (2 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.

TA-440 Advanced Directing (3 credits)

This course extends the beginning director's experience in theater. While studying directing from a variety of historical and theoretical perspectives, each student directs, designs, and presents a one-act play or original theater piece in performance. She addresses problems relevant to planning, management, and administration.

Prerequisite(s): TA-340 completed.

TA-490 Seminar:Collaboration in Performance (2 credits)

Offered Spring Term only. The focus of this course is the collaborative creation of an original interdisciplinary work. Students from a variety of arts disciplines share their skills and perspectives as they explore issues and themes of common choosing. Using a workshop process, they give form to a performance that is publicly presented as the end of the semester.

Prerequisite(s): Offered Spring Term only.

TA-497 Independent Study (2 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.