Wellness (WE)

WE-101 Body Toning (1 credit)

Join this class if you want to become more physically active. You will learn the basic components of physical fitness, implement those components into your everyday living, develop a personal fitness plan and set fitness goals.

WE-112 Sport & Leisure (1 credit)

We will be covering numerous sports (e.g., volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickle ball and soccer) along with many leisure games (e.g., ladder golf, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, bags and bocce ball). If you want to learn the rules and how to play the various games and become an expert for that next picnic or family event, this is the class for you! Come out and HAVE FUN!

WE-113 Weight Training (1 credit)

This course is designed to provide students with an introductory knowledge base in topics pertaining to strength training. The course will enable students an opportunity to experience a variety of strength training techniques in conjunction with general conditioning principles.

WE-120 Bosu Fit (1 credit)

Use the Bosu Ball for a full body workout that includes cardio, toning and balance.

WE-121 College Life 102: Leadership (1 credit)

Developing and identifying leadership skills in college can help you for years to come. Learn about basic leadership theories, campus leadership opportunities, and applying leadership skills in a collegiate setting and beyond.

WE-122 Skinny Jeans Class (1 credit)

Learn a variety of ways to exercise to get a full body workout. Emphasis is on strengthening the core of your body in a safe manner. A variety of equipment will be used and provided. No experience necessary.

WE-123 Introduction to Meditation (1 credit)

Meditation is practiced around the world, by people of diverse nationalities, faiths and cultures. Many who do not claim any particular religious tradition still practice the discipline of meditation. Various forms and techniques of meditation will be presented and practiced.

WE-124 From Campus to Career (1 credit)

This course is a dynamic, interactive course with personal assessments, hands-on projects and guest presentations designed to help you to: --enhance your self knowledge and vocational direction --increase your sense of self reliance, confidence and competence --plan for a future which offers personal meaning & reward --develop your ability to effectively make important decisions --recognize the promise of your potential

WE-125 Concepts of Health & Wellness (2 credits)

This course will explore the concept of health/wellness, at personal, community, state, and global levels. Using theories, frameworks, and models, this course will highlight population health and the role of the nurse. Key concepts will include a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and cultural awareness.

WE-126 Personal Budgeting (1 credit)

Learn how to better manage your income and expenses by developing and using a personal budget. Topics include ideas for increasing your income, reducing and controlling your expenses, decreasing stress in managing money, and setting financial goals. We will also discuss making good decisions on credit cards, insurance, auto expenses, health care, and saving.

WE-129 Yoga-Lates (1 credit)

In this introductory course, Yoga and Pilates are combined in a core ritual to assist you to build confidence, tone your abs, strengthen your muscles from head to toe and remove tension from your body.

WE-131 Learning & Study Strat/Successful Studen (1 credit)

This course will teach strategies and processes that you can use to be successful in your classes including time management, learning and study strategies, concentration and listening strategies, and preparing for and taking assessments. In addition, the class will explore how motivation, attitude, interpersonal skills, and anxiety can help or hinder you in your college studies.

Prerequisite(s): Additional information Fall 2018: Section 01 No class October 23 Section 02 No class October 3 & 24

WE-132 Lose Weight From Inside Out (1 credit)

We already know what to eat, what not to eat and that moving our bodies is essential. Yet our motivation and resolve seem to leave us before our goal is reached. If you are seriously committed to adapting a new way of living that enhances health, vitality, and empowerment which includes weight loss, this class is for you. In this class you will ?tLearn about what sabotages your efforts and develop strategies to deal with it. ?tBecome more in charge of what, when, why and how you eat, and take back the control from food. ?tExplore psychological and spiritual tools that allow you to change perceptions and beliefs about yourself, your body, and weight loss. ?tBegin to live a life of freedom with new self-esteem, creating a life of vitality, health, creativity, and joy.

WE-134 Discover Your Strengths (1 credit)

Using the Strengthsfinder instrument, discover your top five strengths and learn how working with your strengths in college will help you to navigate your educational experience, recognize the strengths of others, handle challenges and select your career path. Understanding and utilizing your strengths leads to an improved sense of confidence as well as career and life satisfaction.

WE-135 Developing Stress Resilience (1 credit)

Learn different techniques to develop your resilience to everyday stress. We will explore what personal situations create stressful responses for you and how to develop stress resilience through various activities such as guided imagery, values clarification, energy exercises, breath work and acupressure points.

WE-136 Introduction to Peacemaking Circles (1 credit)

We live in a very fast paced world and college can often create stressors when we are trying to balance all that life hands us. Inevitably, we encounter conflicts with others and we experience harm. To that end we are always searching for ways to resolve conflicts, hopefully, without creating more harm. The peacemaking circle is a process that - enables us to create a safe space to communicate with others. - builds on the ways that indigenous peoples engaged in a ceremonial process to bring balance and repair harm. - strives to create bonding and respectful relationships with all who sit in the circle. - uses a talking piece to enable everyone's voice to be heard. Come sit in the round to share and take a deep breath!

WE-137 Test-Taking Strategies/Nursing Student (1 credit)

Do you have a process for answering questions on your nursing assessments, or do you just quickly read the question and scan the answers for what seems to be the best fit? Do you undestand course content and still struggle on assessments? This course will give you an opportunity to learn and practice test taking strategies, including analyzing test questions and responses, identifying key words, and reducing anxiety.

Prerequisite(s): N 250 completed or N-220 & N-225 completed.

WE-138 Making Connnections, Building Relations (1 credit)

Participate in discussions related to the history and impact of racism, internalized racism, civility and respect while exploring your background, assumptions and how you interact and problem solve in challenging situations. You will build resources and tools while developing supportive social networks.

WE-139 Basic Exercise & Strength Training (1 credit)

This class will focus on very simple exercises to increase cardiovascular conditioning and strength. The cardiovascular portion will use HIIT training which is a high intensity, short intervals lasting 3 minutes. The strength portion is designed to elicit a quick increase of strength tone and muscle definition. You will experience an increase in overall physical conditioning, muscle tone and shape. The equipment used in class will be BOSU, body weight and jump ropes. No previous experience needed and modifications and progressions will be made for individual success.

WE-140 Beginning Yoga (1 credit)

You will learn the basic fundamentals of yoga and 15 yoga poses. This class will not incorporate vinyasa flow between poses. It is a slow paced class that focuses on the breath and holding the poses and ending with a guided Savasana and meditation. Students will need to bring a yoga mat.

WE-141 Pilates (1 credit)

You will learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates and the 12 beginning exercises. This class is designed to increase breath awareness, improve posture and develop core strength and muscle tone of the arms and legs.

WE-142 Body Rock XFIT (1 credit)

Body Rock will simulate the same exercises that professional athletes perform, giving you that sculpted lean look you always wanted. It is specifically designed to blast fat and build muscle all in one work out. Through a challenging circuit combination of cardio and core strength exercises you will get a total body workout in just 50 minutes. Open to all fitness levels and exercise modifications will be made. No equipment needed, strength exercises performed with body weight only.

WE-143 Medication Dosing: Must Know Math/Nurses (1 credit)

In this course, students will learn the mathematics required to accurately dispense medications. This will include exposures to physical representations of various measurement units that nurses commonly encounter in their practice. While students learn the frequently used abbreviations, conversions, approximations, calculations and rounding in dosing, strategies for maintaining accuracy and attention to detail will be emphasized. Genres of calculations will include weight based, flow rate and injection computations.

Prerequisite(s): N 250 completed or N-220 & N-225 completed or concurrent.

WE-144 Zumba (1 credit)

Latin inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.

WE-145 Cardio Circuit Boot Camp (1 credit)

Ultimate cardio and body sculpting workout burning fat and building strength. Using alternating timed circuits of cardio and weight training, you will maximize strength and firm your entire body, while burning up to 400 calories in 50 minutes. Open to all fitness levels. Exercise modifications will be made.

WE-146 Strength Training & Athletic Conditionng (1 credit)

Designed to enhance your body's natural athletic abilities, you will focus on strength, power, core stability, balance and coordination through a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Burn fat and calories while building essential strength and power for the ultimate athletic performance.

WE-147 8 Great Milw Wellness Walks (1 credit)

Students will participate in a minimum of six walks around Milwaukee County. Locations will include parks, river ways, the lakefront and neighborhoods near the campus and their homes. Together, we will explore the natural and cultural history of Milwaukee. We will also emphasize walking as a form of physical exercise, stress release, social interaction and community building. Physiology and psychology will intersect with environmental education as we explore our surroundings on foot.

WE-148 R. I. P. P. E. D (1 credit)

Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plometrics and Endourance: This total body, high intensity style program utilizes free weights and resistance to burn calories. This classis tough yet doable. It will challenge your levels of fitness and endurance.

WE-149 Leading in Service (1 credit)

This class will expose students to experiences, theories and examples of "servant leadership." It would allow students to "practice" service and see "Models of Service" through the eyes of those who made it their life's work, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dorothy Day, Francis of Assisi as well as countless others within the Milwaukee community. Students will participate in attending 3 St. Ben's Meal Programs and 4 classroom sessions.

WE-150 Making Spirituality Relevant (1 credit)

Students will use short reflections on topics as a basis for open discussion about spiritual issues and faith.

WE-151 As Seen on TV! Current Fitness Workouts (1 credit)

This class is a combination of today's popular fitness workouts including: P9OX, Insanity, Jillian Michael's Kickbox, Crossfit and more. Each workout offers a different style of exercise keeping the clean fun and fresh! Throughout the section you will learn exercises that focus on fat/calorie burn, muscular endurance, core stability, balance and coordination.

WE-152 Peer Education @ College (1 credit)

Develop your skills common to students in leadership positions on campus, including the Residence Halls. Topics include: Programming from idea plannint to evaluation, time management, stress management, leadership skills/theories, careers in higher education, student development theory, and hot topics in higher education.

WE-153 Arts Alive-Milwaukee After Dark (1 credit)

This 1-credit wellness class will explore the arts scene around Milwaukee. Practice your social and cultural wellness by seeing three different performances, and learn more about what Milwaukee has to offer. Students must provide their own transportation to and from the performance space. The beginning of each class will start at Alverno with brief classroom discussion/instruction, and then re-locate to a designated performance space. The instructor will choose the performances and handle all ticket purchases. . Needs a minimum of 10 students registered (for group discount pricing) o Registration cut-off point should be Aug. 14 for ticket purchasing purposes . Course fee of $90

WE-154 Alverno Gospel Choir (1 credit)

Alverno Gospel choir

WE-155 Beginning Crochet Your Stress Away (1 credit)

Learn the basics of crochet including the stitches, types of yarn, hook choices and pattern reading. Projects will include a washcloth, a scarves, coasters along with a project of your choice.

WE-156 Intro to Reiki (1 credit)

This course introduces students to the practice of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. At this introductory level students will learn about the history of Reiki, meditation practices, and how energy centers (called chakras) work in our bodies.

WE-157 Empowerment of Self: Ancestors (1 credit)

The negative effects of racism can be mitigated with a ritual connection to an individual's ancestry. The process of constructing a sacred space for your ancestors descnds from a spiritual concept from historical West African cultural traditions and is intended to promote cross cultural understandings.

WE-158 S.O.A.R. to Healthy Habits (1 credit)

S: simple nutrition O: on-going support A: active lifestyles R: real life and health balance In this course the student will learn a simple approach based on key nutrition basics, exercise body in balance by using the following keys . Focusing on body fat percentage rather than body weight . Setting measurable, motivating goals (short and long-term, internal and external) . Following a customized, efficient, diverse exercise plan that makes you feel energetic and strong . Harnessing the powers of sleep, water, and stress management, all in perfect sync to optimize your body's performance. . Pre and post fitness testing and online wellness coaching via ( www.loseit.com )

WE-159 Book Club (1 credit)

We will explore differnt book titles.

WE-160 Professional Use of Social Media (1 credit)

This course instructs students about the professional use of contemporary social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linedin, and Google Plus. The appropriate use of these communication tools in order to stay connected to friends and family versus presenting oneself as a candidate for employment will be covered.

WE-161 Advanced Crochet Stress Away (1 credit)

Learn more advanced stitches of crochet. Projects will include baby booties and hat, a shawl or sweater and a project of your choice.

WE-162 Crunch Time Fitness (1 credit)

Throughout the class students will participate in workouts that require no equipment and very little time. Workouts will change every class to keep things fresh. By the end of the course students will be able to design their own at home workout to stay in shape when they just don't have time to get to the gym!

Prerequisite(s): Additional information Fall 2018: Section 01: No class October 22 Section 02: no class October 3 & 24

WE-163 Flourishing @ Alverno (1 credit)

This class will focus on enhancing personal well-being through self-reflection and interactive group activities. We will cover the following topics: acceptance, autonomy, sense of belonging, managing responsibilities to self and others, personal growth, and making sense out of the world in which we live.

Prerequisite(s): Additional information Fall 2018: no class October 25 & November 22

WE-164 Wellness Yoga (1 credit)

WELLNESS YOGA combines the practice of asanas (yoga poses), with pranayama (breathing), a good sense of humor and a dash of creativity! We will use yoga to align the spine and contribute to positive postural habits. Muscles will be strengthened and lengthened which will protect the body's joints. Unwanted tensions will be released with the goal of uniting the breath with body moves. We will use a thematic approach to enjoy, release, renew and awaken.

Prerequisite(s): Additional information Fall 2018: Section 01: No class October 23 Section 02: no class September 12, Octoberf 3, 24 & November 21

WE-165 Milwaukee Urban Plunge (1 credit)

This two-day retreat style course introduces students to challenges faced by our Latina/o neighbors in the Milwaukee community. This is an immersive and experiential learning opportunity held at Casa Romero Renewal Center on Milwaukee's south side. Students will develop cultural sensitivity and awareness of current issues through reflection, prayer, firsthand witness stories, service projects, a community tour and social service agency visits. Topics will include: K-12 and Post-Secondary Education needs, Immigration, Latino/a Civic Engagement, the new Sanctuary Movement, DACA, and more.

Prerequisite(s): Other information: Spring 2018 Planning meeting Monday April 30 from 12-1 pm Meets Wednesday May 30 & Thursday May 31 from 8 am-8 pm at Casa Romero Renewal Center 423 W Bruce St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

WE-166 Alverno College Choir (1 credit)

The Women's Choir offers students from all areas of study an opportunity to learn and perform choral music for women's voices. The chorus performs one concert each semester as well as performing at various local and college functions. (Non-music majors welcome)

Prerequisite(s): Open to all students

WE-197 Independent Study (1 credit)

Wellness Independent Study course