Wellness (WE)

WE-123 Introduction to Meditation (1 credit)

Meditation is practiced around the world, by people of diverse nationalities, faiths and cultures. Many who do not claim any particular religious tradition still practice the discipline of meditation. Various forms and techniques of meditation will be presented and practiced.

Prerequisite(s): This class will be offered online synchronously in the timeframe listed in IOL.

WE-123C Introduction to Meditation (1 credit)

Meditation is practiced around the world, by people of diverse nationalities, faiths and cultures. Many who do not claim any particular religious tradition still practice the discipline of meditation. Various forms and techniques of meditation will be presented and practiced.

WE-126 Personal Budgeting (1 credit)

Learn how to better manage your income and expenses by developing and using a personal budget. Topics include ideas for increasing your income, reducing and controlling your expenses, decreasing stress in managing money, and setting financial goals. We will also discuss making good decisions on credit cards, insurance, auto expenses, health care, and saving.

WE-131 Strategies for College Success (1 credit)

This course will teach strategies and processes that you can use to be successful in your classes including time management, learning and study strategies, concentration and listening strategies, and preparing for and taking assessments. In addition, the class will explore how motivation, attitude, interpersonal skills, and anxiety can help or hinder you in your college studies.

WE-134 Discover Your Strengths (1 credit)

Using the Strengthsfinder instrument, discover your top five strengths and learn how working with your strengths in college will help you to navigate your educational experience, recognize the strengths of others, handle challenges and select your career path. Understanding and utilizing your strengths leads to an improved sense of confidence as well as career and life satisfaction.

WE-137 Test-Taking Strategies/Nursing Student (1 credit)

Do you have a process for answering questions on your nursing assessments, or do you just quickly read the question and scan the answers for what seems to be the best fit? Do you undestand course content and still struggle on assessments? This course will give you an opportunity to learn and practice test taking strategies, including analyzing test questions and responses, identifying key words, and reducing anxiety.

Prerequisite(s): N-220 & N-225 completed or concurrent, or permission of instructor.

WE-143 Medication Dosing: Must Know Math/Nurses (1 credit)

In this course, students will learn the mathematics required to accurately dispense medications. This will include exposures to physical representations of various measurement units that nurses commonly encounter in their practice. While students learn the frequently used abbreviations, conversions, approximations, calculations and rounding in dosing, strategies for maintaining accuracy and attention to detail will be emphasized. Genres of calculations will include weight based, flow rate and injection computations.

Prerequisite(s): N-220 & N-225

WE-146B Art/Science Experiments: Fused Glass (1 credit)

Open to all students. Experiment with color through dyes, pigments, metals. No experience in art or science is necessary. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts are used to guide critical thinking and dialogue among students and educators. The Art/Science Experiments are a series of courses co-taught by arts, sciences and mathematics faculty who develop questions that will be enriched through multi-disciplinary problem solving and aesthetic engagement. Students who enter the dialogue need no experience in STEAM fields. Students will gain basic concepts, vocabulary knowledge and technical skills during STEAM experimentation and evaluation of theories and products while creating glass. Laboratory and studio experiences are balanced with research and development of personal themes by students.

WE-156 Intro to Reiki (1 credit)

This course introduces students to the practice of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. At this introductory level students will learn about the history of Reiki, meditation practices, and how energy centers (called chakras) work in our bodies.

WE-162 Crunch Time Fitness (1 credit)

Throughout the class students will participate in workouts that require no equipment and very little time. Workouts will change every class to keep things fresh. By the end of the course students will be able to design their own at home workout to stay in shape when they just don't have time to get to the gym!

WE-163 Flourishing @ Alverno (1 credit)

This class will focus on enhancing personal well-being through self-reflection and interactive group activities. We will cover the following topics: acceptance, autonomy, sense of belonging, managing responsibilities to self and others, personal growth, and making sense out of the world in which we live.

WE-164 Yoga Flow (1 credit)

A vinyasa (meaning "to place in a special and progressive way") style class, where sequences exemplify a movement with breath connection. Students will also learn more about yoga's subtle energies to further unite body, mind and heart, enabling deeper self-discovery and a more present, joyful and healthy life.

WE-166 Alverno College Choir (1 credit)

Some choir and music reading background is helpful, but not required. The Women's Choir offers students from all areas of study an opportunity to learn and perform choral music for women's voices. The chorus performs one concert each semester as well as performing at various local and college functions. (Non-music majors welcome)

WE-171 Self Defense for Women (1 credit)

Empower yourself by raising your safety awareness and learning self-defense techniques. This class will use hands on instruction. Some physical activity is required.

WE-172 Career Exploration in Science: Math (1 credit)

In this course students will engage and network with guest speakers (mostly women and Alverno alums) from various STEM professions in the exploration of STEM career paths. Students will research different STEM careers and use self-assessment to identify strengths and interests. Information from guest speakers will be used to identify appropriate professional experiences (internships, summer research, graduate school) to enhance career preparation.

WE-173 Major Decisions (1 credit)

In this course, students who are undecided or open to exploring major options will be guided through activities that will explicitly examine interests, values, strengths, and how those are all connected potentially to the world of work. Activities will include value, interest and strengths assessments, exploration of various College majors/minors, and occupational research with an emphasis on how to make well-informed "major" decisions which lead to career and life satisfaction.

WE-174 Mindful Movement (1 credit)

Students will explore a variety of gentle, mindful movement techniques which promote relaxation, mindful awareness and creative expression. Included will be practice in the Chinese art of qigong which improves balance, concentration and overall well-being. We will also explore music with free-form movement as a tool for developing peaceful and creative strategies for self-care.

WE-175A Mental Health Aid (1 credit)

This course allows students to explore in depth a topic featured in professional research and training in the field of social work and social services, such as those emphasized in the surrounding area of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. Topics for the course will rotate according to assessments of need and based on feedback from the community, including the Social Work Advisory Council. Sample topics may include Trauma Informed Care, Child and Family Welfare, Violence against Women, Racial Social Justice, Death and Dying, and Health Care Services Access.

WE-175B Trauma Informed Care (1 credit)

This course explores trauma informed care which is based on growing knowledge about the negative impact of psychological trauma. This course covers that many individuals have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. "Trauma-informed care is a strengths-based framework that is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors, and that creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment" (Hopper, Bassuk, & Olivet, 2010). Trauma informed care principles influence service delivery and policy development in health, education, and social service settings. Lastly, this course covers vicarious trauma and strategies for professional self-care for those who actively listen to or hear trauma experiences.

WE-176 Alverno Success: Leveraging Your Strengt (1 credit)

This course is designed specifically with the Alverno Success student in mind, to assist with developing the foundational support they need to be successful in college. The course content will give students the ability to focus on their own strengths and natural abilities which according to Dr. Don Clifton is key to academic success. We will utilize the Clifton Strengths inventory assessment full 34 report talent themes. Enrollment restricted to Alverno Success students only.

WE-197 Independent Study (1 credit)

Wellness Independent Study course

WE-297 Gen Concepts/College Athletics (2 credits)

WE-397 Promo & Event Management (2 credits)