Student Code of Conduct

Approved by:  Student Development and Success

History:  Updated: June 2014 | August 2017 | August 2019 | August 2020

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A community is a group of people who hold something fundamental in common.  Alverno College is committed to providing a community environment where students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.  We believe that the college community functions at its full potential when everyone in the community is respected for who they are and what they do.  Creating a caring and respectful community that functions well depends on the individual and collaborative efforts of each person.  The ability of an organization to experience each individual member as a valuable resource can translate into beneficial growth not only for the individual but for the organization as a whole.  

As members of the Alverno community, we expect that each person will 

  • appreciate the connections between ourselves and others, recognizing that diversity contributes to richer life experiences for us all
  • participate actively in collaborative learning experiences

  • integrate learning not only in classes, but equally into life situations and work settings 

  • recognize and value the life experiences we all bring to our learning

  • respect the dignity of all persons and demonstrate concern for others

  • be compassionate and considerate in our interaction with others

  • practice the skills of listening, understanding, and appreciating other points of view

Behavior Expectations