Religious Activity

Approved by:  Dean of Students Office

History: Updated 2000 | 2009 | 2021

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As a Catholic, Franciscan, and liberal arts institution, Alverno College is committed to supporting holistic development of our students, including support for their spiritual development. Alverno welcomes a variety of religious traditions and respects individual religious commitments. Alverno does not attempt to proselytize nor sanction attempts to convert people to a religious affiliation other than their own. Alverno’s programs seek to encourage the sharing and discussion of religious values and beliefs between members of the college community. 

With the approval of the Campus Minister, representatives of various religious traditions may provide appropriate religious services for their own members and others who wish to participate. Students who are members of specific religious affiliations are encouraged to form recognized student organizations for the purpose of supporting their religious beliefs and practices.

In order to provide the highest level of support and to prevent duplication of services, religious student organizations will receive their primary organizational support from the Office of Campus Ministry.  This includes:

  • The Director of Campus Ministry will approve or reject requests for new religious student organizations and submit approved organizations to Student Activities & Leadership for recognition.  Campus Ministry will also determine eligibility for annual re-recognition of religious student organizations.

  • The Director of Campus Ministry will serve as the de facto advisor or co-advisor to all religious student organizations.  Organizations may designate other faculty or staff as co-advisors on campus.

  • Leaders of religious student organizations will meet with Campus Ministry staff at least once each semester as their advisor and for any organizational leader training deemed appropriate by campus ministry staff.

  • Religious student organization events and programs must be approved by the Director of Campus Ministry to avoid duplication of services. 

  • Religious student organizations with an affiliation with a non-Alverno religious organization may designate up to two liaisons who represent the external organization and those liaisons will be required to meet with the Director of Campus Ministry each semester to discuss campus programming and solicitation policies.

  • Student Engagement & Leadership will continue to support religious student organizations through funding, promotion, and event support.  In the event of a vacancy in the Director of Campus Ministry position, advising responsibilities for religious student organizations will be filled by the Director of Student Engagement & Leadership and any co-advisors the organization has chosen.