Identification Card

Approved by: Dean of Students Office

History:  Updated 2021 | 2023                                       

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For Questions Contact: Dean of Students Office | 414.382.6118 | FO 119 |

All new students at Alverno College receive an initial identification card at no charge. Students can request their ID by visiting the Dean of Students office (FO 119), the Nursing Administration office in Mesa, or by submitting an electronic request form.

For purpose of identification, students should carry their Alverno College identification card at all times.  The Alverno identification card is intended to be used the entire time you are associated with Alverno.  It is not necessary to obtain a new card each semester.  In order to prevent unauthorized use, it is your responsibility to report a lost or stolen ID card to the Dean of Students (Milwaukee) or the Nursing Administration Office in Mesa and obtain a new card. People with monetary balances on lost or stolen cards must also contact Dining Services immediately.  Alverno College is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft or misuse of this card. Once reported lost or stolen, the lost card will be deactivated.  

Failure to produce a valid ID card when requested by a college official, fraudulent use of the card, and/or transfer of an ID card to another person, may result in confiscation, loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action.  The ID card can be used for the following:

  • Services in the Library, Media Hub, and the Computer Center.  

  • Purchasing items in Dining Services.  Money can be deposited on the card in accordance with the Resident or Milwaukee Commuter Meal Plan.  

  • Appropriate educational discounts and admission to facilities at other local venues.

Replacement Card Fees:

  • New Photo or Lost ID: $35 for general ID; $25 for nursing badge

  • Name Change: Free with return of old card; $35 if old card is not returned

  • Damaged Card: $35 for general ID; $25 for nursing badge

  • Stolen Card: Free with police report; $35 with no report