Dining Services

Aladdin provides on-campus dining and catering services.  

Commuter Meal Plan Fee

This fee will add $100 to students’ ID and can be used in the Café or at Hudson’s to purchase snacks, drinks or meals during the semester. To use the plan, students will present their Student ID to the cashier to complete the purchase. The balance will not roll over from semester to semester. Dining options are available daily with hours posted on the Dining Services Website

Resident Student Meal Plans

  • Alverno College provides meal plans to meet a variety of dining needs of our resident students. All residents are required to participate in one of the following meal plans.

    • Plan A – Required for all first year students the first semester, open to everyone.

    • Plan B – May be chosen by first year students their second semester. 

    • Plan C – May be chosen by any student after their first semester. 

    • Clare Only Meal Plan – May only be chosen by a student residing in Clare Hall for full semester. 

    • Graduate Student Meal Plan - May only be selected by graduate students.

There are no exemptions from the meal plan. If you have any concerns, please meet with the Director of Dining Services to discuss meal and dietary options. If you have a documented medical condition, please supply a letter from your physician explaining your dietary restrictions to the Student Accessibility Coordinator. Could we reword to this: Exemption requests from the meal plan are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Dining Services. Students must work with the Director of Dining Services and/or the Student Accessibility Coordinator if a documented medical condition is a factor. Please supply a letter from your physician. 

Meal Plan Information:

  1. The meal plan is non transferable. No one else is eligible to use your card.

  2. The meal plan does not roll over from semester to semester.

  3. All students must present their meal card (student ID) at the time of purchase. 

  4. Lost or damaged student ID cards will require a $25 replacement fee. 

  5. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased through the meal plan. 

  6. The meal plan may be used in the La Verna Commons and the Inferno Café.

Commuter Flex Dollars

Available for all commuting students, faculty, and staff.  Money can be added to an Alverno campus ID through a credit or cash transaction at one of the registers inside of Hudson’s or at the Inferno Cafe. For amounts of $50 and above added, Aladdin will add an additional 10% to your card. Money cannot be added over the phone. Questions should be directed to the Director of Dining Services.