Health Education

Approved by:  Student Development & Success

History: Updated August 2021

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For Questions Contact:  Counseling & Health Services | 414.382.6319 | AF 208 |

The College recognizes the importance of health education and awareness programs.  These assist individuals to dispel any misunderstandings and deal with the facts, as they are known.  The development and implementation of these programs is coordinated by Counseling & Health Services.  Health education programs should follow these general guidelines

  • External vendors and organizations need to be sponsored and hosted by the department of Counseling & Health Services

  • Topics of a sensitive nature will be scheduled in private, enclosed spaces in order to avoid people walking unawares into discussions/presentations 

  • Programs need to contain educational content

Members of the Alverno community with questions on physical and/or mental health issues are directed to their physicians, the Director of Counseling & Health Services and/or community resources. 

Confidentiality in all areas of this policy will be maintained wherever possible.