College Vehicle and Driving Policy

Approved by:  Safety and Risk Committee

History:  Revised 2013 | 2016

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For Questions Contact: Campus Safety | 414.382.6158 | FO 254

This policy covers all approved drivers (employees, students, and volunteers) who may use an Alverno owned or rented vehicle, or who uses their personal vehicle for College business. Only approved drivers on the authorized list of drivers may drive Alverno owned or rented vehicles. Students who meet the minimum requirements for driving privileges must complete the consent/release form in Human Resources. In order to be eligible to drive for College business and/or events, drivers must meet criteria determined by Alverno’s insurance agent. Human Resources will verify that the student’s driving record meets the minimum requirements set by Alverno College’s insurance provider.

To become an approved driver and drive an Alverno owned or rented vehicle, the driver must: 

  • Complete the driver background check paperwork in Human Resources and submit a copy of their valid driver’s license. 

  • Receive approval from the appropriate faculty or staff member connected to the group (e.g. advisor, instructor, department coordinator). 

  • Show proof that they are twenty years of age or older and that they have three years of driving experience. 

  • Successfully complete an annual driving record check. This includes no more than three minor violations in the past three years and no major violation in the past five years. 

  • Successful completion of defensive driving training. 

  • Sign and return acknowledgment of receipt of the Vehicle Usage Policy. 

Alverno College provides training on defensive driving for all employees, students and volunteers authorized to drive Alverno owned, rented, or personal vehicles for College business. Human Resources maintains all records of employee training. Campus Safety maintains all records of student and volunteer training.

Training is provided: 

  • Upon request to be an authorized driver. 

  • Prior to operating any vehicle for College business. 

  • Whenever risk factor, requirements, or a process changes as determined by Human Resources and/or Campus Safety. 

Vehicle Reservations:

  • The appropriate staff or faculty member must approve and submit request for any student or student group reserving an Alverno rented vehicle. 

  • Costs for rented vehicles are charged back to the department. 

  • Requests for use of the vehicle must be made at least two weeks in advance by turning in a completed vehicle reservation form to the Admissions Office. 

  • All passengers must sign a Waiver Form, which is to be given to Campus Safety prior to departing. 

  • Fifteen passenger vans will not be rented. Trailers will not be towed from any vehicles. 

Picking Up Vehicles:

  • During Business Hours, drivers may pick up the pouch, keys and Waiver form in the Admissions Office. 

  • During Non-Business Hours, call the Information Desk (382-6002) to request to meet Campus Safety. 

  • When the College is closed, call Campus Safety (382-6911) to meet them. 

  • The driver must have all passengers sign the Waiver Form prior to leaving and return it to the Sister Joel Read Center Information Desk or Campus Safety before departing. 

Returning Vehicles:

  • When returning, the driver is required to refill the vehicle with gas (to the original level), empty all trash from the vehicle and return the vehicle to the designated reserved Plant Operations spaces in the Parking Structure (1st Floor North), or notify Campus Safety of the location if spaces are full. 

  • Notify Campus Safety to meet you at the vehicle to complete a check-in of the vehicle. During business hours call 382-6158 or when the college is closed call 382-6911. This will be a walk around to confirm no additional damage, tank is at the appropriate level, and to return the pouch and keys. You will sign off on the form that this was completed.

Alverno College Rented Vehicle:

Alverno College approved drivers (faculty, staff, students, and consultants) may drive Alverno rented vehicles for College business and events. Student drivers must be associated with a student organization or department on campus in order to reserve a vehicle for events. Vehicles cannot be reserved for personal trips. 

Personal Vehicles:

Alverno College approved drivers (faculty, staff, students, and consultants) who are driving their personal vehicles for College business or events must provide the Human Resources Office with a copy of their proof of insurance. The proof of insurance must have the following information listed: Name of Insured Person, Policy Number, Effective Dates of Insurance, and Vehicle Information (Make, Model, & Year). If the student’s name is not listed on the proof insurance, they must show proof that they are covered by the policy. 

Number of Drivers on a Trip:

For an authorized student event: 

  • Two authorized drivers and a faculty/staff member must accompany the group beyond a radius of 250 miles. 

  • One authorized driver is needed within a radius of 250 miles. (A faculty or staff member does not need to accompany the group). 

For faculty/staff events: 

  • One authorized driver is required. 

Driver Responsibilities - approved drivers are responsible to:

  • Adhere to all traffic regulations (for the appropriate state) to include ensuring all passengers are wearing seat-belts. 

  • Adjust all mirrors and seats before driving. Familiarize yourself with the vehicle controls prior to driving (lights, wipers, etc.). 

  • Keep the vehicle clean. Ask passengers to remove litter at the end of the trip. 

  • Maintain a vehicle environment conducive to safe driving (temperature, noise level, radio volume, cleanliness, etc.). 

  • Turn off the ignition, lock, and take the keys with you when the vehicle is unattended. 

  • Keep windshield, side windows, and rear windows of the vehicle in good condition so visibility is not restricted. 

  • Do not load vehicles beyond the design capacities for passengers and cargo, properly secure any and all loads so that items will not shift or move around. 

  • Report broken equipment, equipment failures or damage to Campus Safety/Plant Operations immediately upon return. 

  • Place all credit card receipts in the pouch and label all receipts with your department name. 

  • Do not transport any alcoholic beverages or drugs in an Alverno owned or rental vehicle at any time. 

  • Do not drive while under the influence of controlled substances such as alcohol, drugs, or medications that could adversely affect driving performance. 

  • Ensure that no tobacco products are used while in an Alverno owned or rental vehicle. 

  • No cell phone utilization while driving including texting, talking, web surfing or hands-free talking. Safely pull over to the side of the road to make or take a cell phone call or read a text message or email. 

  • Do not use ear buds while driving. 

  • Tickets: All parking, moving violations or other traffic tickets or fines are the responsibility of the driver. 

Emergency Information - Insurance:

Alverno College has coverage to insure under-insured or uninsured drivers involved in an accident. Coverage includes liability, collision, comprehensive, medical, uninsured, and under-insured motorists. When utilizing personal vehicles for College business, the employee’s insurance is primary and Alverno’s insurance is secondary. 

Emergency Road Care/Gas:

A gas charge card is kept with the keys of the vehicle at all times. This gas credit card is to be used only for refueling the vehicle. If you have an accident, need repairs or need roadside service, call Campus Safety at (414) 382-6158 or (414) 382-6911. 

Reporting an Accident:

Refer to the information and paperwork in the pouch. 

  • Call the Police and DO NOT move the vehicle. Call 911 if there are injuries. 

  • Complete the proper insurance forms and bring all completed paperwork to the college. 

  • Immediately Call Campus Safety at (414) 382-6911 when safe to do so. Campus Safety will facilitate appropriate personnel. 

  • Alverno’s Drug and Alcohol Policy will be followed. Any reports of accidents may result in the driver being tested at an Aurora facility. Campus Safety or Human Resources can advise on locations. 

  • All damage to a vehicle, no matter how small the damage, must be reported to Campus Safety or the Admissions Office immediately upon return of the vehicle if not reported earlier. 

  • Authorized drivers involved in an accident or property damage to a vehicle may lose their privilege to drive Alverno owned or rented vehicles. 

 Alverno College has the authority to revoke approved driver privileges at any time.