Student Finances

Student Accounts strives to provide transparent and timely billing information to students. We understand how important it is to plan ahead financially, which is why we'll continue to provide billing packets. However, students will occasionally make changes after billing statements go out, which may result in additional charges. An example of this would be if a student decides to add a class closer to the start of the semester. We are pleased to announce that students will now receive an automated email within 24-hours of making an adjustment that will result in a change in the balance owed. While it is the student's responsibility to monitor their account on IOL for activity, it is our hope that these emails serve as useful reminders. 

Payment plans are now able to be completed electronically on IOL. Please note, a payment plan will update automatically if there are any changes to the balance.  Our website offers students and families information regarding tuition and fees, refunds, book advances, employment reimbursement and more.

Questions about these policies or processes should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts, FO 134, 414-382-6262 or