Political Activity

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Alverno College values the opportunity for free expression of political views by members of the Alverno community and is committed to the value of discourse and debate as an essential component of a liberal education.  Alverno College promotes effective citizenship and encourages participation in the political process.  Students, staff or faculty may freely engage in and comment on political issues as individual citizens but must clarify that the expressed opinions are their own and do not represent the official position of the college.  Individual students who wish to engage in the political process are encouraged to connect with the Department of Student Activities and Leadership to see what opportunities are available.  

Guidelines for hosting a political candidate or representative on campus

  • The event must be open to the entire campus community.

  • Members of the student group/department must be present during an approved event or distribution of materials.  Student groups should talk to the staff of Student Activities and Leadership for approval. Staff and faculty should direct inquiries to Human Resources for approval and for the appropriate process for distributing information.  

  • The college must maintain a non-partisan, educational status and not support or oppose any candidate. This must be stated clearly on advertisements for the event and when the candidate is introduced. The college must comply with the provisions governing its tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal statute stipulates that non-profit, tax exempt institutions of higher education are prohibited from participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. 

  • Unless a candidate for public office is of significant stature as to warrant an invitation from the Office of the President, hosting of political candidates for educational purposes should generally be left to faculty within academic departments or the appropriate Alverno College recognized student group. 

  • If a faculty member, academic department or the college itself chooses to invite an individual candidate to speak on campus about his or her political activities or campaigning, every attempt should be made to provide opposing candidates the same opportunity.

  • If any member of the college community is contacted by a political official to organize an appearance on campus, the Marketing Department should be immediately notified and updated with information. The Marketing Department coordinates all public affairs on campus.  

Advertising, Posting and Canvassing Guidelines

  • Posting of political materials must adhere to the Posting Guidelines.

  • Faculty and staff need to get approval from Human Resources to advertise, post, and/or canvas for a political candidate.

  • Canvassing (mass distribution of fliers on cars or in common areas) is not allowed.   

  • Information must include a contact name or name of sponsoring group.  

  • Use of the college’s name, letterhead, or logo on any written materials used for political purposes, such as solicitation of funds or other contributions in support of a political party or political activities, is prohibited.  

  • Opinions promoted are the opinions of Alverno students and members of an organization.  Alverno College does not support any one specific candidate.