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History: 2018 | 2023

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All members of the Alverno community may update and/or change their legal or chosen name in our campus information systems at any time.  New and continuing students may change their legal or chosen name by submitting the Name Change Request Form. Requests for changes will be sent to the Registrar's Office and Technology Services for processing. Please wait a minimum of 5-7 business days for confirmation that your name change has been processed within all systems of the College.
*Former students and alums should email in order to discuss legal name changes related to transcripts and/or diplomas.

Legal Name Change

Student requests for legal first and/or last name changes can be made at any time. Legal documentation must be submitted upon time of request (documentation could include an updated driver's license, passport, social security card, or notarized court document). Changes do not occur immediately or automatically upon submission of the form. 

Chosen Name Change

Alverno College recognizes that as a community some of its members choose to use a first and/or last name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Students can designate a chosen name at any time, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name.  The chosen name provided at time of student application will be used in all college communication and information systems that support chosen names, unless otherwise updated using the Name Change Form.

Nursing Students: Verification and background checks are required for all clinical sites, and some do not allow for chosen names.  Documentation of legal names on nursing badges may be required (see updating ID cards).

Updating ID Cards

You'll receive a confirmation email after your chosen name has been updated by the Registrar's Office. One business day after you receive this email, you may request a replacement ID card in the Dean of Students Office (FO 119).

If nursing clinical students originally receive a clinical badge with their chosen name, and need to receive a clinical badge with their legal name, a second badge can be requested from the Dean of Students office (the first request is free, any additional badges will cost $25/badge).

Email/Network User Name change

Your request of name change form will be forwarded to Technology Services and they will contact you to determine if you wish to also change your Alverno network user name and your Alverno email address.  Your user name for Self-Service, Student Planning, and Moodle will also change. 

Any current read or unread email will be available in your email box after your name change is processed.  When your username is changed, you will only be able to receive email sent to your old email address for a period of two (2) weeks.  Any email sent to your old email address after that date will be returned to the sender as undeliverable. You are responsible for notifying others of your new email address.  If you have questions or problems, email


Alverno College celebrates gender diversity. Accordingly, students, staff, or faculty may indicate which pronouns they use. Pronouns will be made available to staff and faculty. Pronouns can be designated at any time, and they can be modified, changed, or deleted at any time by updating personal information on IOL/Self-Service. Currently, options for pronouns include the following:

  • She/her
  • They/them
  • He/him
  • She/her or they/them
  • They/them or she/her
  • He/him or they/them
  • They/them or he/him
  • She/her or he/him
  • He/him or she/her
  • Any/all
  • Ask Me

All requests for changing chosen name, pronoun, or gender identity will be accepted as long as the request is not intended to avoid legal obligations, used for fraudulent purposes, contains the use of profane words, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Alverno College reserves the right to refuse to honor any request under these circumstances.

However, in accordance with the mission statement, Alverno College is committed to creating an inclusive community and will make every effort to use chosen names, pronouns, and gender identity where possible throughout the college experience, except for the select systems and materials that require legal name and gender (see chart below) for reporting or legal needs.

How departments use legal/chosen names

If a student has concerns about chosen vs legal name and/or pronoun usage or would like to discuss a more widespread accommodation for safety or security reasons, please schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students (FO 119).
Check how the following departments use chosen and legal names.


  • Chosen name is collected on application
  • Legal name is used for acceptance decisions, applications, and communications


  • Chosen name is used in external communications


  • Chosen name is used in emails notifying of academic status, Early Alert, and general communications
  • Legal name is used for academic dismissal letters


  • Chosen name is used for rosters
  • Legal name is stored confidentially for eligibility purposes

Career Studio

  • Chosen name is used for database, student intern lists, student appointments, resumes and cover letters, event name tags, letters sent to mentors (with student permission)
  • Legal name is used for background checks, drug tests, and medical documentation required by internship sites

Counseling Services

  • Chosen name is used for counseling
  • Legal name is used for medical records


  • Legal name is used for check reimbursement

Human Resources

  • Chosen name is used for meetings and internal communications
  • Legal name is used for W-2 forms, payroll, and direct deposits

Instructional Services

  • Chosen name is used for communications, name tags, schedules, and tutor/academic assistant paperwork
  • Legal name is used for disability documentation and other legal documents


  • Chosen name is used for library account and communications

Registrar’s Office

  • Chosen name is used for class rosters, diplomas, academic evaluations/validation matrix, unofficial transcripts, the graduation program, and communications 
  • Legal name is used for federally mandated reporting and official transcripts

Residence Life

  • Chosen name is used for CA rosters, front desk visitation, door decorations, emails to residents, and roommate notification
  • Legal name is used for mail rosters, housing contracts, and contract cancellation forms

Student Accounts/Financial Aid

  • Chosen name is used for meetings and internal communications
  • Legal name is used for the FAFSA, award letters, 1098-T forms, loan servicing, and loan documents

Student Development and Success

  • Chosen name is used for ID cards, meetings, and communications
  • Legal name is used for emergency loan and/or grant check

Student Engagement & Leadership

  • Chosen name is used for communications
  • Legal name is used for visa information and study abroad documents

Technology Services

  • Chosen name is used for Moodle, IOL/Student Planning, Office 365 (including email address,) Google display names, Zoom, and student directories
  • Legal name is used for mail rosters, housing contracts, and contract cancellation forms