Name Change

Approved by:  Student Development & Success

History: 2018

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All members of the Alverno community may update and/or change their name in our campus information systems at any time. This includes new and continuing students, faculty, and staff. Please find specific instructions below for names changes, including legal and chosen name changes.

Legal Name Change

Legal first and last name changes can be made at any time on IOL. In order to process this request, the person requesting the change will need to submit legal documentation of the name change (including but not limited to an updated driver 's license, passport, social security card, or notarized court document). Students should bring their documentation to the Registrar's Office, and employees should bring their documentation to Human Resources.

Chosen Name

Alverno College recognizes that as a community some of its members choose to use a first and/or last name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Anyone in the Alverno community may designate a chosen first and/or last name. This chosen name will be used in all college communication and information systems that support it. Students, staff, or faculty can designate a chosen name at any time, regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. Chosen names can be modified, changed, or deleted at any time by updating personal information on IOL.

ID Cards

You'll receive a confirmation email after your chosen name has been updated by the Registrar's Office or Human Resources. One business day after you receive this email, you may request a replacement ID card in the Dean of Students Office (FO 119).

Email/Network User Name change

Changing your chosen name will not automatically update your Alverno username or email address. To update these, please email a completed Network Name Change form to

Chosen Pronouns

Alverno College celebrates gender diversity. Accordingly, students, staff, or faculty may indicate which set of personal gender pronouns they wish for the campus community to use to refer to them. The chosen pronouns will be made available to staff and faculty so that they can use them in conversation and reference to each individual. Chosen pronouns can be designated at any time, and they can be modified, changed, or deleted at any time by updating personal information on IOL. Currently, chosen pronouns in IOL include the following:

  • SHE she/her/hers

  • HE he/him/his

  • ZE ze/hir/hirs

  • THEY they/them/their

  • NAME Use my name as pronoun

All requests for changing chosen name, chosen pronoun, or gender identity will be accepted as long as the request is not intended to avoid legal obligations, used for fraudulent purposes, contains the use of profane words, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Alverno College reserves the right to refuse to honor any request under these circumstances.

However, in accordance with the mission statement, Alverno College is committed to creating an inclusive community and will make every effort to use chosen names, pronouns, and gender identity where possible throughout the college experience, except for the select systems and materials that require legal name and gender (see chart below) for reporting or legal needs.

If a student has concerns about chosen vs legal name and/or pronoun usage or would like to discuss a more widespread accommodation for safety or security reasons, please schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students (FO 119). A staff or faculty member should contact Human Resources for these discussions.