Health Requirements and Insurance

Approved by: Counseling & Health Services

History: Updated 2021

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For Questions Contact:  Counseling & Health Services | 414.382.6319 | AF 208 |


Tuberculin (TB) Skin Testing: Some academic programs require annual testing for tuberculosis.  This may be done at your primary care physician’s office, an outside clinic, or at Health Services.  Heath Services offers TB testing at a cost of $15, which is charged to your student account.  All international students, regardless of country of origin, are required to have proof of tuberculosis testing prior to arrival at Alverno.

Commuter Students: Immunizations and an annual flu shot are strongly recommended for all students, but are optional for commuter students. The the COVID-19 vaccine is required for all students, unless a medical or religious exemption is approved by campus. 

International and Exchange Students: Submit the completed Health History and Immunization Forms.  Completed forms need to be submitted to Health Services prior to arriving at Alverno College.  Show proof of Tetanus-Diphtheria, Measles-Mumps-Rubella, COVID-19 and Polio vaccinations, as well as proof of a Tuberculosis test done within the year, before moving into the residence hall.

Resident Students: By federal law, each year all resident students must acknowledge that they have been informed about the risks and benefits of receiving the Meningitis and Hepatitis B vaccinations.  These vaccinations are recommended, but not mandatory. Residents are responsible for reading the Vaccine Information Sheets provided. Students must complete an Immunization Form for Resident Students and return it to Health Services.  Students who do not turn in a complete Immunization Form may be asked to leave the residence hall in the event of a vaccine-preventable disease occurrence in the residence hall.

*If you are also a student-athlete, contact the Athletic Trainer, AF 112B (414) 382-6424 for any additional requirements


Alverno College strongly recommends that each student obtain and verify health insurance coverage while attending classes.  The college does have a health insurance plan available for purchase:, click on Alverno, click on voluntary plan. You may contact the Coordinator of Health Services at 414-382-6319. All payments are made directly to the insurance company.  Students are encouraged to read the coverage carefully and address any questions to the insurance agents.

International and Exchange students are automatically enrolled in the Alverno College student health insurance prior to arriving on campus and are required to

  • Purchase the Alverno College student health insurance.  The student health insurance meets the J-1 visa requirements as outlined in U.S. regulations governing that visa category (contained in 22 CFR 62.12).  The cost of the insurance premium is part of the academic billing and will be payable upon arrival on campus.